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When In Manila, curious about what Singapore Math has to offer? Well, this is your chance to get a glimpse of how Singapore Math works!


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I have been tutoring kids since college and Math is not a difficult subject to teach… not until I encountered Singapore Math from a grade 2 student two years ago. The first time I encountered a Singapore Math problem, I asked my student if he was sure he copied the question right… I can’t remember the exact question but I was pretty sure it was close to an Algebraic question… like this:

Singapore Math Made Easy with Galileo : Question 1

I had no idea of what Singapore Math was at that moment so looking at this question, I would answer it this way:

Assuming that

                    pen = x, therefore, pencil = x + 10

                    if x = 16, substitute the value of x to the equation x + 10

                    it then becomes 16 + 10 

                    so pencils is equal to 26.


 My student showed me his solution and I was like.. I can’t understand a thing! And so I read their books and looked at the exercises their teacher would give them. Somehow, I was still hesitant to accept this technique. After a year of self learning in Singapore Math, I still wasn’t quite able figure out how Singapore Math works.

But luckily, Thanks to Teacher Cheryl, who invited me to attend Galileo’s  “Unlocking the Secrets to Singapore Math” by Dra. Queena Lee-Chua and his son Scott Lee-Chua–Singapore Math has become as easy as a box and a question mark–and the answer is there! No more formulas, no more lengthy solutions!


Unlocking the Secrets to Singapore Math Facilitator: Scott Lee-Chua

Singapore Math: What You Need To Know

First thing you must remember is that: “WHEN SINGAPORE MATH IS TAUGHT BADLY, IT WILL BACKFIRE.”

Singapore Math utilizes bonds and model drawings in solving Math problems. In this technique, students are taught to visualize the equations which allow them to understand Math concepts better and more efficiently.

Singapore Math technique uses concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to make the student understand the subject better. Also, in Singapore Math, the emphasis is on problem solving not on the formulas used. It promotes the use of mental math in tackling the problem given. 

Given this information, the problem shown earlier could be answered this way:


Easy isn’t it? I thought so too. So basically, Singapore math works because students are not given formulas to memorize. Instead, they are taught how to use representations and visualize the problem so that they can answer it. 



Another problem:



Singapore Math Problem: Fractions



Simply looking at this question made me confused at first, but when explained further by Scott and because I was listening to him, I was convinced that having a good background with Singapore Math Basics, is indeed a very big help. Understanding Singapore Math makes one LOVE math more. YAY! I’m not scared of fractions anymore!



Singapore Math Enrichment Program with Galileo


Yes, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is offering a Singapore Math Enrichment Program to kids! Also, they are conducting Singapore Math workshops for parents and children to have a better grounding on the fundamentals of Singapore Math. Interested?


For more information,

Call 8451234

Galileo Flagship Center at G/F Republic Glass Building, 196 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati.

You may visit their website at

or email them at



 When In Manila, never miss out on Singapore Math! Enroll at Galileo Enrichment Learning Progam!


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Scott Lee-Chua with students who attended the workshop



 Singapore Math Made Easy with Galileo!


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