SIERRA: Safeguarding the Sustainability of Ecotourism for the Vast Philippine Mountains


The Travel Management Class 3T3 of the University of Santo Tomas is currently taking the course Meetings and Events Management (TOUR 119) this Second Term Academic Year 2016 – 2017. In line with the goal of the college to pursue excellence by empowering students through an intensified student involvement, the course requires students to plan and organize an event in order for students to improve their knowledge, sharpen their skills, increase their competence and develop their abilities embodying the principles of ethical and social responsibility.

To achieve this, we will be conducting a conference with the title of “Sierra: Safeguarding the Sustainability of Ecotourism for the Vast Philippine Mountains. The said event will be held on 15 May 2017, Monday from 12:00 NN to 7:00 PM at the 2nd Floor Grand Ballroom, Rev. Fr. Buenaventura GarciaParedes, O.P. Building of University of Santo Tomas.


The intended learning outcomes of the said activity are as follows:

The Delegates should be able to:

  1. Analyze the status of the mountainous environment in the Philippines and the impacts of tourism-related activities on this landform;
  2. Examine the cycle of rejuvenation or deterioration (Butler’s Destination Life Cycle) of mountainous environment in the Philippines to understand how Ecotourism greatly affects the sustainability of the mountains;
  3. Develop awareness concerning the current condition of the Philippine mountains to realize their role in the conservation of this ecotourism site.

In this regard, the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management class 3T3 — Astra Production invites you to join us as we take on our #JourneyToTheSummit.

For only Php500.00, you will get to gain more knowledge about mountaineering and as well as getting entertained with different artists. Ticket includes a dinner buffet and acts from Alab Poi dancers, Juvenile Dance Crew, AviecaylUy, ZAP (Fan of Acoustics), and Never the Strangers.

Together, let us raise awareness and act in making Earth as the best place to live in. Come and be part of the team, “SIERRA: Safeguarding the Sustainability of Ecotourism for the Vast Philippine Mountains.”