Show Recap: LANY Live at Greenbelt Got Everyone Dancing

Words by Christian Chagas
Photos by Eunick Noble

LANY at Greenbelt II

Have you ever driven around playing ILYSB on blast? Or sang along the lyrics of Super Far? If yes, then I’m pretty sure LANY is one of your favorite bands to listen to.

LANY, the three-man alternative band from Los Angeles, California, created a big buzz when they visited the Philippines last March for Wanderland Festival. And they’ve now returned with not just one show lined up, but five!

Fans and even visitors of Greenbelt on August 5, 2017 got to listen to the set of 11 songs, including hits like pink skies, ILYSB, and Super Far. Songs from the band’s first self-titled LP were also played, like bangers such as Dumb Stuff, The Breakup, and It Was Love. Familiar or not familiar, everyone in the concert grounds was singing along and banging their heads as LANY jammed onstage.

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Upon arriving Greenbelt, there was no question how welcomed LANY is by their Filipino audience. People with tickets arrived extra early in order to have good spots. The closer you are to the stage, the better you’ll see them. The more you’ll feel like you’re interacting with the band.

LANY opened their concert with the opening of their self-titled album, Dumb Stuff. I kid you not when I say everyone kinda lost itPaul Klein started dancing and starts belting, “Oh my god! I think I’m in love!” The people in the crowd were all jiving, heads and bodies moving with the rhythm.

One of their first ever tracks, 4EVER!, proceeded. Then up next was a personal favorite of mine, yea, babe, no way, since it transitions from slow singing to downright head-bopping! Tracks from their new album, The Breakup and It Was Love, pulled the heartstrings of guys and girls in Greenbelt.

LANY at Greenbelt I

Their set became more laid-back as songs quit and WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS played. And things started to pick up yet again when the crowd heard the single note that starts pink skies. Everyone mouthed the lyrics that start the song, “Thrift store fashion; imperfect tattoos,” and they are definitely my ‘favorite everything’.


As their concert in Greenbelt approached the end, the band plays Super Far and we all lost it. Paul Klein started to dance around the stagecirca ocho ocho, anyone? Watch this little clip I posted on Instagram:


I honestly love them so bad (ILYSB was their final song!). I guess a lot of other Filipinos love them so much, too, that Ayala Malls brought them back for us to witness the band yet again. Ayala’s Greenbelt gave us an almost-surreal experience, bringing not just fans, but all who are celebrants of music, together.


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