LOOK: Shopping with a Php 700 budget in the Taytay Tiangge

This summer is all about going on an adventure! All you need is your favorite road trip buddies and of course a comfortable vehicle for the long rides and you’re all set. I have so much on my to-do list this year since I graduated – now that I have free time, I’ve wanted to go somewhere not too far but something worth calling a trip.

Just recently, I was able to go up Taytay, Rizal with writer Luigi where we were able to flock to the Garments Capital of the Philippines and shop at their famous Tiangge. Search “Club Manila East” on your Navigation App, and it will lead you to where the Tiangges are located at.


Boarded on a Ford Ecosport, the time going up wasn’t bad considering the slight traffic and the distance from the city. What Luigi and I loved was how comfortable it was. The Ecosport is definitely a perfect companion for city driving – its interiors are spacious and the Ecosport being a compact SUV makes its size not too big, not too small, just ample and cozy enough for the both of us. It could fit five passengers.

Of course, a road trip isn’t complete without jamming. Our light and fun conversations were accompanied by the blast of the past – songs from the early 90’s and 00’s. I was able to connect my phone to the car system via Bluetooth, so other than wireless plugging for songs and navigation for Waze, Luigi and I were able to use other functions of the car through SYNC, or voice activation. Think of it as the Ecosport’s own Google Assistant. Millennials like us love how ‘smart’ it is. Did we mention that it’s key-free too? Just a push of the button, you’re ready to hit the road.

Luigi and I had a challenge – to shop for a complete summer outfit with a Php 700 for a maximum of one hour. Luckily, it wasn’t as crowded and as hot as we thought. We came prepared by bringing a cap, bottled water, and wet wipes to cool and freshen ourselves in case the heat gets too extreme. Thankfully,  it was windy and there weren’t many people. We first scoured the area to see the array of clothes and other novelties the stalls offered.

Women’s wear and shoes had more selections compared to men’s, so Luigi’s #ootd and fashion pieces were pretty limited. Luigi was relying on me to style his outfit but we came across the same outfit idea in the end.

A helpful shopping tip when in a tiangge? Scout around to see if a stall sells the similar item you initially like, so you could compare prices. It also helps to bargain, but if the stall owner doesn’t budge and you’re not satisfied with the price, that’s your call to go around and scout for more.

A nautical-print polo caught Luigi’s attention and the first stall we went to didn’t accept bargains. Luckily the next stall we went to had the exam same thing but sold it Php 50 cheaper.

His shorts served a double purpose – he loved how it could be used as board shorts for swimming, or casual shorts when he heads out. Its functionality impressed him.

For my case, I was honestly overwhelmed with the many choices and stalls for women’s wear, but many of these that had the pieces I like didn’t have my size. One thing to acknowledge also is that many of the tiangges in Taytay have clothes that are one-size-fits-all, and you won’t be able to try them on – not unless the stall owner allows you to put the item on top of the clothes you’re wearing, which is what I did.

It took a while for me to come up with an outfit. Time was ticking,  and I ended up with a laid-back, beach babe in the city #ootd. Out of the items I bought, my most favorite would be the shorts which I purchased for Php 50 only!

My outfit: Top (Php 120), Shorts (Php 50), Slip-ons (Php 90) | GRAND TOTAL: Php 260

Luigi’s outfit: Top (Php 300), Shorts (Php 150) | GRAND TOTAL: Php 450

It was a fun experience with the Ecosport and shopping for a summer OOTD!
We can’t wait to come back for a longer time, and #GoFurther again with the Ford Ecosport.

Taytay Tiangge

Facebook Page
Don Hilario Ave., Club Manila East Comp. Taytay, Rizal 
(Beside Taytay Fire Brigade; Across McDonald’s Near Taytay Public Market and Club Manila East)
* Schedules may vary per day.

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