Shoelala! Manila: Stylish Ballerina Flats

Ballerina Flats for Budget Fashionistas

When in Manila, ladies just can’t have enough shoes in their shoe collection. (Nowadays there must be plenty of women who can rival Imelda Marcos’ famous shoe collection.) Not everyone can afford to buy designer stilletos or even mid-range wedges and flats, so there are companies out there that value affordable shoes that doesn’t compromise quality and comfort.



For fashionistas on a budget, there’s Shoelala! Manila, an online shoe store that offers chic, well-made flats that are perfect after a long day on high heels. Proudly made in the Philippines, Shoelala! Manila‘s awesome collection of shoes have comfy soles to really live up to their slogan, “Oh la la your every step.”





 Shoelala Manila Animal Print Shoes





The lady behind the shoe line decided to offer affordable shoes because she was starting to notice that a lot of shoes here in the Philippines are gorgeous but expensive. So she decided to start a business that will feature her own designs and will never be poorly made.





Shoelala Manila Teal Ballerina Flats




Why “Oh lala your every step”?

“Oh la la” is usually easily uttered by someone “when something or someone is surprising, unusual or sexually attractive” so the brand interprets the exclamation as a means of approval when something- in this case, the pair of shoes- is physically appealing.

Established in 2011, Shoelala! Manila endeavors to create fashionable shoes that will make any Filipina say “Oh la la” with delight. The shoe brand aims to help women feel and look great without putting a huge dent on their monthly budget.
The company also takes pride in the fact that their shoes are made in the Philippines because, after all, Filipino craftsmanship is one of the best in the world!





 Shoelala Manila Beige Flats






In today’s competitive market, Shoelala! Manila proudly produces quality shoes that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Shoe styles  combine classic and trendy designs to appeal to a greater Filipina audience. Take note, the designs are versatile so you can definitely pair the shoes with most of the stuff in your wardrobe.

Prices range from Php 455 to a little above Php 1000, so students (who are perennially on a budget) can afford new shoes every semester.





 Shoelala Manila Available Pairs

Filipina feet itching to try new styles this coming new year? Better try the affordable pieces from Shoelala! Manila, When in Manila!





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 Shoelala! Manila: Stylish Ballerina Flats