Magic 899 Boys Night Out DJ Tony Toni, Slick Rick, Sam YG with Vince Golangco on air live!!!! On the radio air waves with Magic 899 Boys Night Out.

Last week it was the Boyz,  DJ TonyToni, SlickRick & SamYG, interviewing (Vince’s On Air interview with Magic 899 link), but this time it’s us interviewing the masterminds of talk and radio as they enjoy the internet censorship, or lack thereof, a bit too much… LOL.

The boys start talking to us about their show and the fines they’ve accumulated from challenging censorship on the radio. They also talk about how the show, Boys Night Out,  may be suspended for a while because of these issues. On the other hand, they are absolutely hilarious when they start talking about DJ Slick Rick‘s Louis Vuitton personalized wallet. Furthermore, they talk about how DJ Tony Toni gives his women money…. for the cab. Oh and best part is when DJ Sam YG goes trigger happy with a “S*** Storm” after realizing there aren’t any censorships online, unlike radio.

Anyway you definitely need to listen in on these guys! The Boys are both funny and entertaining! Though in person, they’re even funnier and even more entertaining! At the same time, don’t let their on-air characters fool you, these are smart, well-mannered men who have taken their personalities and turned it into a very successful brand!

Thanks to Magic 89.9 and DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG for having us on their radio program, Boys Night Out. They’re funnier in person, as well as absolute professionals at what they do.

So next time, When In Manila, tune in to Magic 89.9 fm or listen online at


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“ShitStorm” w/ Magic 899 Boys Night Out & DJ Tony Toni, Slick Rick, Sam YG