Shifu Master’s Kitchen: Affordable Chinese Cuisine for the Family

When in Manila and looking for affordable Chinese cuisine for the entire family, try Shifu Master’s Kitchen along Granada St. This quaint restaurant boasts some of the most delicious yet reasonably priced Chinese food on its wide-ranging menu.

 Shifu Masters Kitchen Store Front

My family and I were lucky enough to try some of the best dishes in the house. Take a look at what to expect from Shifu Master’s Kitchen:


Shifu Milk Tea (Php 70 / Php 100 unlimited)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Shifu Milk Tea

For only Php 70, you can already get a tall glass of delicious milk tea with black gelatin bits. Shifu Milk Tea is perfect for those with a sweet tooth craving sweet and milky tea.

Take advantage of the restaurant’s Unlimited Milk Tea offer: Every Wednesday, unlimited Shifu Milk Tea is available for only Php100. If milk tea is not your cup of tea (yes, I went there), then you can order the other drinks available. The restaurant offers red iced tea, fresh lemonade, Lipa buko, fresh buko juice, Black Gulaman, Tsing Tao Beer, San Miguel Light and San Miguel Pale Pilsen (prices vary).


Hot & Sour Soup (Php215)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Hot and Sour Soup

Possibly the best hot and sour soup I’ve had so far, Shifu Master’s Kitchen’s bowl of soup is generously filled with tofu, mushrooms, seafood and veggies. A delightful pick-me-up, it has the right amount of heat and sour flavor.


Seafood Spinach Soup (Php 215)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Seafood Spinach Soup

This calming bowl of spinach puree, shrimp and tofu bits has just the right amount of flavor that is distinctively Chinese.


Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice (Php 165)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Salted Fish Fried Rice

Salted fish lends a stark contrast to the mild flavors of the chicken bits, scallions, green peas and egg.


Shifu Fried Chicken (Php 205 / Php 385)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Fried Chicken 2

Served with a spicy-sweet sauce in a separate bowl, Shifu Fried Chicken is one signature dish that everyone should try. Fried to perfection, a single order can already fill up to four hungry tummies.


Pork Shrimp Siomai (Php 65)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Pork Shrimp Siomai

One of the most reasonably priced dumplings I’ve ever come across, Shifu Master’s Kitchen’s Pork Shrimp Siomai are filling and delicious. Each piece is made of real pork and shrimp, unlike the cheaper varieties commonly available. If you’re up for a dim sum marathon, you can also try Japanese Siomai, Shark’s Fin Dumplings, Kutchay Dumplings, Beancurd Roll, Hakaw, Radish Cake and Taiwan pancake available. Alternatively, you can just order the Dimsum Platter for Php 195 to try a few of the different dumplings.

Frozen dim sum are also available for takeout.


Lechon Macau Rice (Php 145)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Lechon Macau Rice

Shifu Master’s Kitchen’s Lechon Macau boasts crispy skin and tender meat. The generous cup of rice that comes with the lechon is more than enough to satisfy a hungry customer.


Beef Wonton Noodle Soup (Php 145)

 Shifu Masters Kitchen Beef Wonton Noodle

I love this bowl of noodles! Granted, I love any soup dish with noodles and soup in it, BUT Shifu Master’s Kitchen’s version of the beef wonton noodle soup that everyone loves has a LOT of thin egg noodles and huge pieces of wonton and slow-cooked beef.


Pata Bihon Noodles (Php 215)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Pata Bihon

Care for some bihon and succulent pata? This is a unique, meaty dish you will hardly find anywhere else in the metro.


Salt & Pepper Spareribs (Php 215)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Salt and Pepper Spare Rib

Heaven sent! At Shifu Master’s Kitchen, an order of  Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs can give you carefully prepared and deep fried spare ribs garnished with cut red chillies, scallions and garlic. Each piece is tasty, crispy and definitely not too oily.


Beef Camto Curry Pot (Php 215)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Beef Camto Curry

Anyone up for an Asian dish? Try the Beef Camto Curry Pot and be blown away by the mild curry flavor and sizable tender portions of flank steak (long flat cut of meat from a cow’s abdomen).


Polonchay with Three Eggs (Php 205)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Polonchay with 3 Eggs

An adventurous eater will not pass up tasting polonchay with diced salted eggs, plain chicken eggs and century eggs. Topped with crunchy garlic, this dish is a mixture of different contrasting flavors that surprisingly taste great together. Yes, try the polonchay, garlic and eggs together to see what I mean.


Shrimp Fuyong (Php 225)

Shifu Masters Kitchen Shrimp Fuyong

Veering away from the Cantonese dishes, Shifu Master’s Kitchen also serves Shanghai food like Shrimp Fuyong. This dish is composed of egg patties with bean sprouts, shrimp, celery and onions in a sweet soy sauce mixture. I feel that a single serving can be a perfect midday snack for 2-3 people.


There you have it: A quick look at some of Shifu Master’s Kitchen’s bestselling offerings. Why don’t you treat your friends and family today to some delicious Chinese food, when in Manila?



Shifu Master’s Kitchen

Formerly Happy Valley

58 Granada St., Villa Ortigas, San Juan City (near Santolan and Ortigas Ave. Extension)


For reservations, take out and delivery; call: 726-1135 or 707-4577


Visit their Facebook page for updates.



Shifu Master’s Kitchen: Affordable Chinese Cuisine for the Family