Serigrafia MNL: Celebrating Student Art and Entrepreneurship Through Band Merch and Pop Culture

People nowadays always want to be updated on current trends in fashion, and one thing that’s come along with the digital age is online shopping. Small to medium scale enterprises, including student-owned startup businesses, have found success through online transactions and word of mouth on social media. Such is the story of Serigrafia MNL.
Established in 2013 by a third year student from UA&P, Serigrafia MNL sells band and popular culture merch in the form of drawstring bags, tote bags, textile-printed shirts, hoodies, and premium hand-painted products. However, what makes Serigrafia MNL stand out from other student-owned businesses is their commitment to advocacy.
Serigrafia_for_WIM_2Uniquely designed and durable drawstrings for as low as P150
According to owner Lea Riñon, the aim of her business is  to provide opportunities to creative and driven students by collaborating with them. By featuring their artworks on Serigrafia’s products, it gives students a chance to find both profit and a creative outlet. Serigrafia allows them to pursue their passions they’ve sacrificed due to financial constraints and more practical career paths.
Serigrafia_for_WIM_7You can get these canvas bags for as low as P150 – 170!
Lea, alongside her sister and a team of student entrepreneurs from UP Diliman, have delivered quality textile products featuring unique designs that appeal to the youth and those who want to keep up with popular culture. They’ve also sold quality merchandise to Filipino fans of The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer, and All Time Low. They plan on featuring more bands and artists on their products in the future, which is something to get excited about (it’s all about wearing your fandom on your sleeve, as far as I’m concerned).

serigrafia_wim_store Band shirts and tees for as low as P250! Rock these at your next concert or musical event.

Another great thing about Serigrafia MNL is you can ask for customized prints! If you want to show off  and wear your love for an obscure, up-and-coming artist or have artwork you designed yourself, they’d gladly make it for you. I recently had a Zedd V-neck designed and was more than pleased because aside from the print being really high quality, it looked like official merch from Zedd’s online store (which costs about thrice as much).


Serigrafia MNL has also gained recognition for its commitment to craft and supporting local artists, having been awarded as the Grand Winner at the EStudyantrepreneur Awards 2015, which was hosted by They also recently joined a bazaar hosted by Cinderella in Glorietta, where they got to sell their products in the Cinderella store for three days.

The business has gone beyond online sellinga feat that some online sellers can only aspire to doas they’ve acquired a physical store where they offer their products at discounted prices that are open for bargaining.


Serigrafia MNL

Stall #38, Dry Goods Section, New Binangonan Public Market, Tagpos, Binangonan Rizal
Instagram & Twitter: @serigrafiamnl


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