Fandom Capital’s Music Merch Will Help You ‘Think Out Loud’ and Rock in ‘Style’

Everyone just keeps on falling in love with music and lyrics like crazy! Unlike in the early 2000s, these past few years have proven to be the best years to get into international performers and swoon over their music. With Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, One Direction and The Script as some of the few acts that blew our hearts away in 2014 and 2015 and All Time Low, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato and so much more to look forward in the following months, wouldn’t it be glorious to keep the ‘feels’ alive with some sort of memento?

Fandom Capital

Fandom Capital is not just your ordinary online shop, It caters to all your whims as a music lover, whether it be shirts, bags, tumblers, stickers, and coasters that show your love for your favourite artist. You name it, they have it!

Opening in August of 2014, Fandom Capital shows a combination of calligraphy and a hipster-ish vibe that was inspired by the social media site Tumblr, incorporating various song lyrics and artists. The crazy thing about this shop is that they offer ‘bundles’ that have all those bits and pieces of merch at a much cheaper price. For example, at Php650, Ed Sheeran fans or ‘Sheerios’ can get a shirt, tumbler, and bagtag design of their choice with a bag and sticker pack shipped to them for free within Metro Manila. Now that’s awesome!

Fandom Capital

If you love the sound of ‘limited edition’ and ‘designer’ like the peeps of Fandom Capital do, get this: the lifespan of their designs are short because they want each customer to feel like they have something special and exclusive. Don’t fret though, because they reproduce some designs. This means there is always a chance of getting your requests granted, too.

As if things couldn’t get any better, not only will you get a personal handwritten note every time you buy something from their shop; you will absolutely adore the way they take in requests from their customers for a more personalized vibe. One time, they told me someone asked for a The 1975 glow-in-the-dark shirt which they made come true!

Fandom Capital


So with all of that in mind, are you ready for your next concert experience with Fandom Capital? Hit it off!




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