Senator Bato dela Rosa Wants Filipinos to Have Mandatory Military Training

Instead of just the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), Senator Bato dela Rosa has voiced out in an interview with UNTV that he plans on prioritizing a bill that will make military service mandatory for Filipinos.

He says, “Like other countries na pagdating mo ng 18 years old, obligado ka na mag-serve sa military for 2 years. Walang pakialam ang gobyerno kung anak ka ng mayaman o ng mahirap, kung sikat ka o artista ka. Maganda rin iyon.” [It’s like other countries where you’re obligated to serve the military for two years when you reach 18 years old. The government doesn’t care if you’re the son of someone rich or someone poor, if you’re famous or are an actor. That’s good, too.]

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Last week, the House of Representatives approved a bill requiring ROTC for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students.

Do you think military service would be a good idea?