Search for the Best Cupcakes in Singapore: Plain Vanilla Bakery

A cupcake at Plain Vanilla costs SGD3.50 a piece;  SGD19 for half a dozen. Majority of people says they are pretty expensive. You’d say this if you haven’t tasted it.. yet. Well perhaps then after which you’d say, “Oh, no wonder it’s pricey.” The cake itself was moist, fluffy and luscious. Each flavour has a different cupcake base.

Different cake, different attack.. awesome. They made their cupcakes with just the right texture (not to mention sizeable)  and has the right blend of ingredients that equates to a delicate balance of flavours that’d sure explode in your mouth. Oooh la la PV got them all. Why name it Plain then, whereas the taste was indeed extraordinary?! I love the simplicity goodness nonetheless. Their frosting was creamy, no artificial taste to piss you off. It just gets a little grainy at times and brings down the overall taste of the cupcake. The sweetness is just the right amount and not overpowering that one can’t handle.

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 best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (22)

I am now hooked to PV’s über-delicious cakes, definitely a hidden enclave worth the trip. I just hope they would have a bigger space and put up tables or counters in the future, as it’s nicer to spend more time there… readin’ a book, relishing my cupcake while sippin’ on some Earl Grey tea. And oh, did I mention that the aroma of PV’s cupcakes is such a delight? Remember to whiff the cake before you take that bite. Since Holland Village is not a place one would frequent often, they have a delivery service with applicable charges, I suggest you call in advance or make any bookings as they are usually loaded with orders.


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best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (9)


The cupcakes are housed in a plain brown sturdy box; logo and branding speaks of simplicity. Now moving on to a few of their cupcake delights:


best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (10)

Famous for: Dark Chocolate Ganache 

Valrhona dark chocolate cake smothered in bittersweet chocolate ganache and dipped in Valrhona cocoa nibs

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (11)

Recommended Flavor: Salted Caramel. The Salted Caramel decadence are little morsels of heaven and I can scarf it down in less than a minute. Their Red Velvet needs little bit of more work; I was surprised that their RV flavour is my least fave. Not the cheapest cupcake on the block but definitely one of the tastiest.


 (top/all 3 in a row)

 Salted Caramel

 (from left-right) 

Chocolate Hazelnut | Milk Chocolate Chip | Dark Chocolate Ganache

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (7)

Strawberry White Chocolate 
Vanilla cake with a centre of fresh strawberries topped with white chocolate frosting

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (18)

Milk Chocolate Banana
Chocolate chip-studded banana cake with milk chocolate frosting

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (24)

Chocolate Hazelnut
Valrhona dark chocolate cake with a chocolate-hazelnut filling topped with chocolate hazelnut frosting

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (23)

Cookies and Cream
Dark chocolate cookie cake with crushed-cookie vanilla frosting

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (19)

This Strawberry White Chocolate is a stunner. I did not think this would appeal to me.  Aside from the topping, there were little chunks of strawberries inside it. So creamy and rich, not too sweet. The cake was super light it seemed to melt in my mouth.

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (10)

best-cupcakes-in-singapore-plainvanilla-twelvecupcakes-wheninmanila-search-for-the-best-cupcakes-when-in-singapore-when-in-manila (88)

Plain Vanilla makes my heart sing. Their cupcake variety may be minimal but the overall taste got me hooked on them. I even leave them at room temperature for up to 2-3 days and they still taste superb, if not better. I wished they have zero calories in them so that I can chomp on them everyday..yup am stingy with my calories 🙂

Quality and taste is what made Plain Vanilla distinguished itself. They are orginal, fresh…and different. When In Manila, getting that cupcake fix is like a walk in the park as it has a lot of great cupcake shops to boot.  So if anyone of you knows where else I could try heaven-licious cupcakes in Singapore, feel free to comment below and I’d be pleased to check it out! Cupcakes never fail to tap that childhood experience that each of us were all looking to get back to and seriously, who doesn’t need a good cupcake in their life?:)

Tues-Sat 12pm-8pm

Sun 12pm- 6pm.

Closed Mondays.

  • 34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village Singapore 277691
  • 6465 5942


 Search for the Best Cupcakes in Singapore: Plain Vanilla Bakery