Sea Wind Resort Boracay: Filipino Hospitality and Experience via Agoda.Com

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Sea Wind Resort Boracay: Filipino Hospitality and Experience via Agoda.Com


When In Manila or anywhere in the world and you are in dire need of a really good vacation, go online and check Agoda.Com for the BEST RATES Guaranteed like we did. We were happy to have booked the Sea Wind Resort via because other than having an awesome deal, we were provided with great service from booking online to checking in at the resort.


The resort kicked off our vacation by greeting us with complimentary fresh mango juice after a long journey from Manila. The Sea Wind Resort is situated in Station 1 so if you want to stay at a hotel that has far less crowd, then the Sea Wind Resort is the best choice for you – a resort that offers a quiet, peaceful time to relax away from vendors and the loudness that comes with the masses of tourists.


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Sea Wind Resort welcome drinks and a bucket of beach toys for my niece (super thoughtful)


One of the highlights at staying at the Sea Wind Resort is its easy access to the beach. The resort is only a few steps away from the white, powdery sand and clear waters of Boracay. Hotel staffs graciously lend soft, large beach towels to all of its guests. Beach sunbeds are available for guests to use if they want to tan or to enjoy the beautiful view that the beach has to offer. Furthermore, the Sea Wind Resort guards are very helpful in looking after our belongings whenever we wanted to leave our sunbeds and play at the beach. (this was a huge help since we like bringing our cameras at the beach).


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Our view from the Sea Wind Resort sunbeds – just WOW!


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Look at that beautiful stretch of serenity at the Sea Wind Resort


If you love to explore like we do, then you will appreciate the walking distance of the Sea Wind Resort to Station 2 and Station 3. Guests will be able to take leisurely strolls by the shore line and enjoy both the developed and natural aspects of Boracay. The Sea Wind Resort also offers easy access to D’ Mall by giving its guests a multitude of ways of transport. Guests can walk, take a tricycle, or take a cab. Whatever you choose, the Sea Wind Resort staffs are more than happy to assist you.




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Parasailing in Boracay


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ReefWalking in Boracay (TIP: Call Bobby to get the best rates – 0915-903-2729)


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or you can just stay in the resort and lounge by the pool…


seawind-resort-boracay-agoda-when-in-manila (3)

or visit their museum..

seawind-resort-boracay-agoda-when-in-manila (4)

and see old China porcelains..


seawind-resort-boracay-agoda-when-in-manila (18)

..or stay at the beach and make sandcastles with your little ones


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..and watch the sun set beautifully while laying on the sun beds.



Sea Wind Resort Boracay: Filipino Hospitality and Experience via Agoda.Com


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