School of Design and Arts INTROER class presents USAPANG X

School of Design and Arts INTROER class presents USAPANG X

The production is formed by students from the Technical Theater, Production Design and Dance programs of the School of Design and Arts of the De La Salle College of St. Benilde as part of their final requirements for their Introduction to Theater (INTROER) class under the supervision of Mr. Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz.

The course allows the students to examine the different facets of theater including its history, principles and elements; and more importantly, enhance their understanding of theater as a human discipline and a collaborative art form.

This production provides the students a wonderful opportunity to fully grasp the various aspects of theater making as they experience firsthand the application of principles and concepts of theatrical production, organization and performance.


USAPANG X is written by Dudz Teraña, a senior artist-teacher of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and was based on his earlier work in a production  with the PETA-Metropolitan Teen Theater League (PETA-MTTL) titled “Toilet Bowl” back in 2004. The first production of USAPANG X was directed by Dudz Teraña for the FEU Theater Guild (FTG) in September 2012 at the FEU Auditorium. Dudz is currently the artistic director of FTG.  

The play is composed of a series of funny, entertaining and, at times, poignant vignettes that lift the blindfold on various social taboos like cheating, discrimination, suicide, pre-marital-sex, homosexuality and masturbation. It pokes fun at society’s sore spots and opens up Pandora’s Box of sensitive issues; however, not to court intrigue or attract contempt but to expose people and raise their awareness of the various concerns that might belong to others or to them. The play encourages people to tackle and deal with certain issues no matter how sensitive instead of keeping it bottled in.

USAPANG X treads a precariously thin line the divides the public and the private, but remember the stories are set in the toilet.


The INTROER class of SY 2014-15 is excited to present USAPANG X to the Benildean community. The production will be directed by Mr. Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz, CSB SDA Technical Theater Faculty and senior artist-teacher of PETA.

School of Design and Arts INTROER class presents USAPANG X

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