SB19 Shares Where They See Themselves Three Years From Now

Filipino five-member boyband SB19 reaches even greater heights as their new single WYAT continues to gain a foothold in the Philippines and abroad. In less than a week, the disco-pop track has peaked at No. 1 on iTunes Chart in several countries and territories, including the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, and UAE. It has also charted in nine countries outside the country: No. 2 in Bahrain and Antigua & Barbuda, No. 4 in Saudi Arabia, No. 8 in New Zealand, No. 20 in Canada and Cambodia, No. 54 in Azerbaijan, No. 55 in Malaysia, No. 70 in the US, and No. 74 worldwide.

To date, WYAT has amassed more than a million views on YouTube in less than 3 days, trending as high as No. 4 on the platform upon its release. Over at Twitter, the song has trended at No. 1 on Trending Topics Philippines, and No. 2 Worldwide, maintaining its impressive stats for days.

Lead rapper and sub-vocalist Josh credits the success of the envelope-pushing single to A’TIN—the fandom responsible for ensuring their mercurial rise to commercial prominence. “We’re very thankful and overwhelmed, especially to our A’TIN. We didn’t expect it to top various charts not only in the Philippines but in different parts of the world. This was truly unexpected as we haven’t been around for a while. Hopefully, this release isn’t the only one that will turn out successful, but the tour as well.”

SB19 2

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To further promote the beginning of their new music era via WYAT, the P-Pop phenoms are set to embark on their biggest local and international tour to date. WYAT [Where You At] Tour kicked off on their sold-show concert at Araneta Coliseum on September 17, 2022 and will be followed by a series of shows in Clark, Cebu, Davao, and more. In the following months, the tour extends globally as SB19 heads to multiple countries – US, UAE, and Singapore to name a few. International A’TIN can expect SB19 to drop by their city starting October 2022.

When asked about what to expect on their upcoming global tour, main vocalist and dancer Stell confirms that music listeners will be seeing a different SB19 this time around. “The same passion is there, the same dedication is there, but we’re just going to give more for this tour. Like we usually do, we try to level up and improve every time.” He also shares that he hopes to just enjoy and go with the flow.

Sub vocalist and WYAT creative director Justin also emphasized how rigid their preparations are in terms of upping the ante, quality-wise. “It is our first time having dance and vocal coaches helping us in our concert preparation. So that’s one thing the fans can look forward to, the improvement of our dancing and singing skills.” He adds that he is excited to visit the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, while Josh looks forward to visiting some relatives in the United States. Ken, on the other hand, wants to experience winter for a snowball fight, while Pablo is looking forward to experiencing good food and delicacies.

When asked where they see SB19 three years from now, Ken says he sees the group on the world stage, while Pablo says he hopes that OPM and P-Pop will be established all over the world by then. Justin echoes that he wants to see SB19 and other successful P-Pop groups perform on one stage. Stell is confident that SB19 will still be present by then, thanks to their supporters who inspire them to continue their craft. Josh says he hopes for the group to win a Billboard award and see every SB19 member successful not just in their careers, but in their personal lives. Awww! These guys are just too sweet!

For more information about SB19’s series of shows, check out the updates on their social media accounts.



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