Pinoy Boyband SB19’s Music Video Passes 1 Million Views On YouTube

If you’ve been on the internet at all this past month you’ve probably already encountered the viral Filipino boy group, SB19. You may not know them by name but odds are you’ve seen clips of their most recent music video or at least some mentions of their choreography which had everyone in awe. Well, said music video only just went over 1 million views on Youtube!

Though the MV for their second single, Go Up, has been out since the latter half of July it actually accumulated most of those views recently. The view count was at around half a million last September 8, Sunday. This was doubled by the next day to 1 million views and is currently nearly 150,000 views past that as of writing.

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One reason SB19 is reaching such heights with this MV is due to their hype for being the first-ever Filipino boy group trained by Korean entertainment company, ShowBT. They’ve gone through 3 years of the regular training a K-Pop idol would, meaning that their vocal and dancing abilities are as polished as possible.

More than that, they also write and choreograph their own numbers! And it’s all so they can show Pinoy talent to the world.

Sejun, the group’s leader, shared in an interview with iWitness, that “Yung company namin mismo trinain at inenhance yung skills namin para ma-promote namin yung sarili naming musika, sariling musika ng Pilipino.”

[Our company trains and enhances our skills in order to promote our own music, the music of the Filipinos.]

What do you think of SB19?