Save Space and Organize Slim Water Containers With This Rack

Things can get cluttered easily when you live in a tiny house or apartment. You can try your best to tidy up every single day and yet somehow, the place can still look messy. In order to avoid living in chaos, the key is to buy functional furniture that provides organizing solutions just like this slim water container rack we found on Shopee Mall!

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The RYTSTORAGE Rommel 2-Tier Slim Water Gallon Rack is ideal for limited living spaces to keep the containers out of the way when you cook, dine, or wash dishes. It lets you stack 2 slim water containers neatly giving you more space on your table or countertops.

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Moreover, the rack is specially made for slim water containers. It has a powder-coated surface with a sticker film to protect it from scratches and chipping due to continued use and can carry up to 100kg (50 kg per shelf). Meanwhile, the shelves are cut diagonally in one edge to make way for the faucet.

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As for the measurement, it is 40.5 cm long, 33.6 cm wide, and 95.5 cm tall. You may also choose between two varieties: glossy black and wood.

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Rytstorage provides organizing and storage solutions. Their products are all built with high-quality metal materials and powder coat finishing that will make your spaces stylish and organized. Plus, they are locally made. #SupportLocalPH

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