Sausage Party Trailer: What If Food Could Feel?

I wasn’t expecting much – or anything, really – when I clicked to watch the trailer of Seth Rogen‘s new animated movie “Sausage Party” this morning. I have always loved Seth Rogen’s movies, but I was not prepared for this kind of awesomeness.

In a nutshell, “Sausage Party” is like “Toy Story”… but with food. Think about it: what if you were a sausage, a potato or a bun, waiting to get picked up at a grocery store, just to get to someone’s kitchen and find out that people actually picked you up to eat you? It’s such a brilliant and fun concept – I’m telling you. Watch the trailer here:

“Sausage Party” is set to be released in August and we cannot wait to watch the movie. What did you think of the trailer? 🙂