Satisfy your sushi bake cravings with unique flavors from Mabeth’s Kitchen

The sushi bake craze isn’t over yet, and with so many options available, one would need something really special to stand out. And with their line of sushi bakes with unique flavors, Mabeth’s Kitchen is here to cater to any foodie!

Mabeth’s Kitchen is a small family business established in May 2020. Since the owners love Japanese food and had some extra time during quarantine, they decided to open up a small family business.

suhi bake mabeth's kitchen

Photo from Mabeth’s Kitchen

According to the owners, competition is difficult in the sushi bake field. Because of this, they initially found it difficult to build their brand image and come up with bake flavors that are new to the market. They had to work hard in order to introduce their brand and be known.

mabeths kitchen sushi bakes

I was able to try some of Mabeth’s Kitchen’s delicious sushi bakes. They have a variety of flavors like Spam Bake, Karaage Bake, Philly Cheesesteak Bake, and Creamy Mango Kani Bake. I had a fun time trying them out because of their unique flavors.

My personal favorite out of all the sushi bakes was the Spam Bake. I’m not the biggest fan of Spam, but I enjoyed their take on it. The combination of cheese, Spam, and rice was just enough to incorporate the Spam flavor without being overpowering.

philly cheesesteak bake mabeths kitchen

Photo from Mabeth’s Kitchen

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Their Creamy Mango Kani Bake had a fresh taste, and was the right balance of sweet and savory. I was also excited to try their Philly Cheesesteak Bake because of its unique flavor. And of course, it was delicious and did not disappoint.

What I like the most about Mabeth’s Kitchen is that their sushi bakes can easily fill you up. Since I had some leftovers, I also had it the next day. Even after reheating, the sushi bakes were still delicious, and I enjoyed every bite of it.

mabeths kitchen spam bake

Their sushi bakes come with an instruction card that tells you how to properly reheat your food. It’s not your usual instruction card, though. Mabeth’s Kitchen made it more special by adding some inspirational quotes on it.

Mabeth’s Kitchen’s sushi bakes range from P255-599, depending on the flavor and tray size. You can choose to mix and match and two flavors in your large tray if you’re having a hard time deciding which flavor to get!

Mabeth’s Kitchen

Which flavor will you try out? Let us know in the comments!

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