White Water Tubing in the Philippines: Sarangani’s Water Fun at Pangi River Mount Maitum

Sarangani: Experience a Different Kind of Water Fun in Pangi River


To the average Pinoy (and to some foreigners), Sarangani is known only as the home of the “Pambansang Kamao”, Manny Pacquiao. And while we are sure that Sarangani takes pride in this recognition, we are equally sure that the province has other things to offer.

We bet you one pair of boxing gloves that most of you have never heard of Pangi River in the municipality of Maitum. But if you have, then you know what kind of exhilarating wet-and-wild adventure this place has to offer. 

In Pangi River, one can go on a 30-minute (give or take) cruise down its waters. Now, that doesn’t sound very exhilarating, does it? Let’s rephrase that: In Pangi River, one can go on a 30-minute tumble down its raging rapids, amidst rocks and boulders, aboard a durable ride known as a tube – which is nothing more than the inside of a rubber tire.


Sarangani Pangi River

All geared up for a fun wet-and-wild ride!


This activity is called whitewater tubing – the even more adventurous cousin of whitewater rafting. 

Don’t worry, this is perfectly safe. Life vests and helmets are provided, and local guides will be there with you the entire ride. What’s more is there is a required short briefing about the do’s and don’ts of the activity – from how to ride the tube properly, and what to do when your ride overturns (because this really happens). After this briefing, adventurers will take a habal-habal up to the jump-off. Then, from there, the fun will begin!


Sarangani Pangi River

In Action!


Be prepared for a drenching of a lifetime because the rapids can get pretty intense. No matter how many times your guide tells you to close your mouth, water somehow finds its way to your mouth, ears, and nose. Make sure to only bring waterproof gadgets and to really secure them, as well. Pangi River has taken its share of action cameras. Also, your footwear should be safely strapped/attached because, once your slippers leave your feet, there is no getting them back.

The 1.6-kilometer whitewater tubing is done in Brgy. New La Union in Maitum, and at the time of writing, costs 200 pesos. 

So, forget Pacman for a moment and take the plunge. Go whitewater tubing in Sarangani and enjoy the cool and refreshing waters of Pangi River!


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*This was part of the #dogoodgetdirty tour where we went around the country in order to… well…. do good and get dirty! Stay tuned for more stories from our tree planting at the Tarsier Sanctuary at South Cotabato. 

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White Water Tubing in the Philippines: Sarangani’s Water Fun at Pangi River Mount Maitum