Sango Japanese Burger: Handmade Rice Burgers in Manila

If a picture paints a thousand words, these pictures just painted the word YUMMY in my head a thousand times!


Konichiwa! If you like fresh, delectable, premium, handmade Japanese burgers, then you’ve come to the right burger joint! Welcome to the Japanese burger restaurant Sango Burgers!

The ambiance of Sango Burger stores, plus the delectable high-resolution blown-up pictures of their yummy burgers, always make this place a very welcoming sight for hungry souls.

The journey of bringing Japanese Burgers to the Philippines started with the first Sango store in Creekside Mall, Makati in 2006. The success of Sango! The Burger Master grew slowly by pure word of mouth among foodies and a loyal Japanese clientele.

The success was due to unique yet thoroughly authentic Japanese offerings enjoyed by loyal Sango patrons. It is their vision to continue to passionately provide an authentic Japanese experience using only quality ingredients.

Anyway, as I said, Sango’s Japanese burgers look amazing! Fortunately for all of us, these Sango Burgers taste great, too!

Best of all, our friends from are offering a 50% off deal, so you can try out these amazing Japanese burgers with big savings! Just go to to get your discount coupons! I recommend trying the Sango Bestsellers like the Yakiniku Rice Patty Burger and the Master Burger.

Anyway, I’m definitely a big fan of Sango Burgers now.

When in Manila and looking for a unique burger that’ll satisfy your hunger, don’t wait any longer! Head to Sango Burgers for some gourmet burgers!

Sango! The Burger Master

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