Sandara Park: The Philippines is “Still Like Home”

Sandara Park The Philippines is Still Like Home

Years before Sandara Park slayed the K-Pop scene as part of the group 2NE1, she was the Philippines’ “pambansang krung-krung.” She was given the title for her crazy but cute antics, which we lapped up in the early aughts.

Even if she and the rest of 2E1 have now sold more than 65 million digital singles worldwide and are the best-selling digital girl-group in South Korea, Park hasn’t forgotten her roots, recently saying that the Philippines still feels like home.

When she visited the country to endorse a local clothing brand, she compared her life in South Korea and the Philippines. She said, “I don’t go out that much in Korea, that’s why I don’t feel like I’m a superstar. But here, I already feel the love at the airport. I’m thrilled to hear people call out my name.”

She also shared what she would like to do here:

I always want to go back to Manila to do a movie. I want it to be a romantic comedy. I’d really do it when schedule permits. I miss the place so much, especially the food. I like sisig, pinakbet and sinigang. I also want to be a judge (in a talent contest). I was a contestant in ‘Star Circle Quest’ before, so it would be interesting to be on the other side of the fence. When I become a judge, I’d tell every contestant: ‘You’re in!’ I would also like to do a Koreanovela. I enjoy romantic comedy projects.

She also wants to work with Vice Ganda, who she describes as “krung krung” like her.

Although Park was born in Busan, South Korea, she moved to the Philippines in 1992. She became famous when she joined the first season of Star Circle Quest in 2004, and made movies with her on-screen partner Hero Angeles. In 2007, she returned to South Korea to become an actress, signing up for YG Entertainment. The rest, as they say, is history.

Should Park return to the Philippines for good? Share your thoughts below!

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