Japanese Wagyu 101 and The Ultimate Steak Experience at House of Wagyu Stonegrill


When In Manila, what makes a mean Wagyu steak?   Wagyu has all been the buzzword, but do you know that the best has just arrived in Manila?  It’s called the Saga Wagyu.

To polish you up on all this goodness before you let it melt in your mouth.  Here’s a crash course on the Japanese Full Blood Wagyu.


It comes from the Japanese black cattle which are bred in small cattle farms at 34 heads per farm.  If you’ve heard of “Matsuzaka” or “Kobe” its more or less the same thing.  The Saga Wagyu comes from the Saga Prefecture (like a province/state / the second smallest in Japan) so its the same beef but bred in different conditions – its like wine grown in different parts of France – so there is still a difference in taste & other characteristics.

A lot of tender loving care goes into their breeding.  During winter – some farms even provide their calf handmade calf jackets.  Ok so I hear you … “Buti pa yung baka may jacket…”. They say even the caretakers of the cows should be happy – so no arguments with the wife please 🙂 Happy wife = happy meat.


They are grain fed for over 20 months – consisting of rice straw, barley, corn and soybeans.  Rice straw is indispensable for marbling and the white color of the fat of the Wagyu.  Wagyu has been developed as unrivaled beef cattle based on Japan’s high breeding technology.  The Japanese Black Cattle was certified as indigenous in 1944. 

And what makes Japanese Wagyu so special? Its A5 Grade – which means that melt in your mouth legend everyone is talking about.


The Japanese have an outstanding method of grading system.  Meat Quality assesses Marbling, meat color and shine, firmness and texture, and fat colour and shine.

This is a meat quality 11 (highest is 12) within the A5 grade served at House of Wagyu Stonegrill.


Launching night.


If clothes have designers, so does Wagyu Beef.  This is Toshimune Tateno – the rockstar behind the delicious Saga Wagyu.  Farmers can be so cool. Standing next to my husband who’s what? – also a farmer too 🙂


Appetizers, side dishes, dessert and … holy smoke!


With House of Wagyu partners Corinne, Teresa and Boy.


The three elements to make delicious beef are texture, flavor and aroma.  “Wagyu Beef Aroma” unique to Wagyu is a rich, sweet aroma similar to that found in peaches and coconuts and is a retronasal aroma and flavor that spreads when chewing the meat in your mouth.


The aroma is released when heated to 80 degrees celsius, it stays in the meat and is released again when chewed. 


Wagyu aroma coupled with the delicate texture and flavor from rich marbling gives Wagyu the highest quality taste.



The lady behind House of Wagyu Stonegrill, Corinne Castaneda.  House of Wagyu prides itself of only serving the best in steaks.  If Wagyu is the king of steaks, then the StoneGrill is its royal carriage.  The steaks in the restaurant are served on a lava stone grill that is heated 400-450 degrees celcius for 6-8 hours.


The guests have the pleasure of cooking and eating their  steaks on the table, exactly to their preference, with each portion hot to all the senses : You see it, smell it, touch it, even hear it and taste it.

On our table was Masahiro Ono, manager of SAGA Prefectural Government, HK office, who told us about Wagyu Saga and translated for Mr. Tateno.

In Japan, Wagyu is usually served shabu-shabu, sukiyaki or steamed style.  Here at the house of Wagyu its served Stonegrilled.  Next to HongKong, Singapore and Thailand, the Philippines is the next country where Saga Wagyu is exported to.


Wagyu Fat is known to have a high content of Oleic Acid which enhances its food taste.  In addition to boosting flavor, oleic acid is also reported to promote proliferation of good intestinal bacteria and may also be effective for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatism.

Saga Wagyu should be taken in slowly and in small bites.  Don’t wolf it all down at or you will end up dizzy.  Slow down, savor and have a good chat with your friends and family with Wagyu overMontes Premium Wines which is also served there.

Here are your 5 steps to pleasure. How to eat Saga Wagyu at the House of Wagyu Stonegrill.


House of Wagyu Stonegrill is considered one of the Philippine’s finest steak houses and they now proudly serve A5 Wagyu from Saga Prefecture, Japan.

When In Manila, celebrate next with this steak.  Because its not just steak, its Wagyu. And its not just Wagyu – but from Saga.




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