Sabrina Carpenter Intrigued by Andrea Brillantes During Manila Concert: ”You All Know This Guy?”

Sabrina Carpenter just held her Manila concert yesterday, July 25, as part of her “Emails I Can’t Send” tour! Among the crowd was Andrea Brillantes (a.k.a. Blythe), who caught the artist’s attention.

Luckily, for us who weren’t there, the New Frontier Theater posted an excerpt of their interaction on their Instagram account. In the video, the “Nonsense” singer appeared to be intrigued by Blythe and said, “Why is she mad? I wanna know!” She extended the mic to the latter who responded, “Actually, I think they know!”

As a huge fan, the 20-year-old Filipino actress was shaking as she shared with her idol a little bit about the challenges she is currently facing, such as dealing with haters. According to Blythe, this is why she loves Sabrina’s songs. “With your songs, it’s like you’re speaking to them for me,” she said.

“Oh, it’s a guy?” Sabrina clarified before quipping, “No sh*t, it’s always a guy–I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” The crowd seemed to have interrupted her as she said, “Say, what? You ALL know this guy?” Of course, the audience responded “yes” in chorus.

“Is he here?” Sabrina got curious. And when everyone said “no,” all she could say was that “Well, he doesn’t have [a good] taste.” Watch the video below!

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