Saab Magalona just announced her second pregnancy!

Singer Saab Magalona announced late on April 8 that she and her husband, Jim Bacarro, are expecting again! She posted the reveal on different social media accounts with the caption: “Kuya Pancho can’t hide his excitement!” Saab is pictured celebrating with Pancho, her first born and low-key internet star, as a barely-there baby bump peeks out.

(ENTERTAINMENT: Jim Bacarro & Saab Magalona welcome their first child!)

Saab and Jim only recently welcomed Pancho to the world, having been born last February 2018. The couple had initially been expecting twins but unexpectedly lost their baby girl, Luna Isabella Bacarro. Despite the tribulations, and Saab’s own health complications, they were able to see it through as a family and come out stronger.

And now they’re getting ready to bring another life into this (and their) world! I’m not sure the internet is ready for another baby who will probably be just as adorable as Pancho, but I’m sure they are. Congratulations, Saab and Jim!

Are you hoping Pancho gets a baby sister or a baby brother?