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Running in Manila has been on the rise for the past few years, and when in Manila, the discerning runner – elite or newbie – would be wise to check out the newest RUNNR stores in Manila.



 Now in TriNoma and Alabang Town Center.




When In Manila was granted an exclusive interview with the man behind the Philippines’ first technology-focused runner-centered concept running store, Mr. Toby Claudio. He explains the story and inspiration behind RUNNR, the store that changed running in Manila.

The Inspiration Behind the RUNNR Store

Mr. Toby (also the man behind Toby’s, that ubiquitous sports apparel and equipment store all around Manila) suffered a painful back injury due to an accident and was unable to walk for seven days. Having been told to give up all his sports, he was more or less forced to just jog as a way of maintaining some physical activities. At a time when running in Manila was not the popular sport it is now, he never truly enjoyed it – until he underwent recovery in the US. There, he became fitter – and a better runner – upon learning feet types and their respective complimentary shoes, as well as proper running form. Realizing this was unavailable in the Philippines, he took the best practices from running stores in New York, Los Angeles, Boulder, and Tokyo and RUNNR was born, changing running in Manila.





The Innovation

Running in Manila will never be the same once RUNNR introduced the system of gait analysis. As the first concept running retailer to integrate technology into a store, RUNNR introduced technology that was never-before available to runners in Manila, and the Philippines at large. He is also proud to say that the running consultants know how to teach proper running form to customers and running enthusiasts. RUNNR’s Footworx System literally revolutionized running in Manila.



The first of its kind. 



The Involvement with Communities and Advocacies

More than a store encouraging running in Manila, RUNNR advocates youth sports, specifically the disciplines of basketball, badminton, volleyball, and tennis. As part of the Toby’s Youth Sports Foundation, Mr. Toby has been intimately involved with the Smokey Mountain community, empowering and enabling the small but dedicated baseball community there. RUNNR also holds workshops and clinics – such as the Tri101 Clinic given by Ironman Arland Macasieb on the day of this interview – to educate people. In fact, RUNNR has always promised to educate fitness enthusiasts in order for them to love running in Manila (and everywhere else!) even more.



Arland’s workshop. 



Mr. Toby sharing to the participants. 



With RUNNR senior staff and Mr. Toby Claudio (center) and Ironman Arland Macasieb (2nd from right).



RUNNR’s two newest concept stores can be found in TriNoma and Alabang Town Center.


2nd Level, TriNoma Mall


RUNNR Alabang Town Center

2nd Level, Garden Wing, ATC


Have fun running in Manila!


For more information on RUNNR, store promos, branches, and more information on running in Manila, please visit RUNNR’s website and follow RUNNR’s Twitter.

For more information on Arland Macasieb, follow him on Twitter.



Running in Manila – RUNNR Specialty Running Store

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