Rude Traffic Enforcer Makes Up Traffic Violations: “Abrupt Changing Lane”

 Rude Traffic Enforcer Makes Up Traffic Violations: “Abrupt Changing Lane”

Supposedly rude traffic enforcer caught making up traffic violations. Hear the full experience below about an incident at Taft Ave. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Rude Traffic Enforcer Makes Up Traffic Violations

Check out the full story below posted by KG Sison. 

On the way home earlier, my driver was asked to pull over by this traffic enforcer at Quirino, Taft. Upon stopping, my driver took off his seatbelt so he could reach into his license. Mr. Traffic Enforcer (let’s call him TE) then informs us that the reason for getting pulled over was because my driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. We informed him that he just took it off because he was pulled over. When TE realized that we weren’t buying that whole “no seatbelt” thing, he then informs us that we were in the wrong lane before we turned, which is supposedly a violation. I kinda sensed that this guy was up to something so I decided to take a picture of him. I think he sensed that I was taking his picture so he kept on looking away. Still I was able to take his picture.

Truth be told, if my driver had incurred a violation, by God I will let my driver go through the whole process of getting back his license LEGALLY. What irritates me about TE is his arrogance and disrespectful vibe during the whole ordeal. Upon realizing that I was able to take a picture of him in different angles (not my fault, TE, you kept moving your head around, tsk tsk), he then points his nasty finger at me and says: “Ikaw ba ang tutubos at magbabayad ng lisensya ng drayber?” 

What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, what is wrong with you?

To which I replied that yes, of course, BECAUSE WE OWN THE FREAKING CAR. My driver will get the payment of the fine from my dad eventually. I told him in a very nice way that we’re gonna follow the whole process legally and that HE SHOULDN’T BE FREAKING RUDE (minus the freaking). He shuts up and starts murmuring while writing the ticket. I really don’t mind. Give us the freaking ticket. He’s not getting any bribe money. 

Upon giving the ticket, he then flashes an idiotic smug smile and tells our driver, “O, ipatubos mo na sakanya yan,” while pointing his pen at me. Rude. Fcking Rude.

I told my driver to get the name of TE but he was too appalled himself (and naturally shy) to ask further questions. When we were inspecting the ticket he gave back home, it says that the violation code was #55 or according to him, it’s for abruptly changing lanes. Being a total Google sleuth, my secretary and I tried looking for the violation code he wrote down and it is nowhere near “abruptly changing lanes” (assuming that my secretary and I got the right source, hehe). 

Violation #55 in different sites: – “DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED DRIVERS LICENSE” – “Load extending beyond the projected width without permit”

Or maybe I’m missing something here. Educate me, please. 

To TE, thank you for being such an ass to my otherwise awesome day. Regardless of your asshole vibes and utter rudeness, GOD BLESS YOU.

 What are your thoughts on this? 

Rude Traffic Enforcer Makes Up Traffic Violations: “Abrupt Changing Lane”

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