Rockwell Road Rage Incident: What Really Happened And Why The Driver Won’t Be Charged

Even by Metro Manila driving standards, the footage of an incident involving a little yellow car at Rockwell in Makati last night was extraordinary. Read on to see it for yourself and find out what really happened.

Roadrage Kia Rockwell

Late last night some footage emerged on Facebook showing a little yellow Kia involved in what seemed like a pretty extreme case of road rage:

Another Facebook user caught the action from above:

So what really happened for the driver to go postal and gun it out of the area with a motorbike stuck to the front of her car? As with most incidents of this type, there are two sides to this story. According to some witnesses, the car was allegedly involved in a hit and run with another vehicle earlier and this was the reason why Rockwell security guards went after it. According to the 28 year old female driver of the Kia (who we will not name here to protect her privacy) however, she was merely stopped by the guards for alleged illegal parking. Either way, the driver claims she panicked after Rockwell security chased and mobbed her, which would be somewhat understandable when you are a lone female and see yourself confronted by a group of paramilitary looking guards who are shouting and hitting your car. As no report was filed with Makati Traffic Command at the time of writing, there is no official version of the events available, but we will try and follow the story over the next few days to see what the other side has to say.

Whatever really happened, it has been reported that the driver will not be charged over the incident as she seems to have agreed to pay for any damage caused and any medical bills incurred. It seems at least four guards were injured and multiple cars and bikes damaged, so the total cost of this whole escapade will likely be substantial.