Rock Your SELFIE: 10 Poses That Will Turn Up Your Selfie Game

“♪♫But first, let me take a selfie.♫♫”

Everyone loves to take selfies and share them on social media. If you do a quick search of #selfie on Instagram, it will show over 261 million photos. So, it pays to amp up your selfie game in order to have more amazing shots that are worthy of being shared on social media. Also, improving your selfie game will make yours stand out in the vast ocean of 261 million selfies.

We like selfies because they are a fun way to show people what you’re doing and they are effective in giving motivation.

If you’re saying that you’ve never taken a selfie, come on, stop pulling my leg. Philippine cities were named “Selfie Capitals” because we all contributed to that. We even have a “Selfie Museum.”

It’s really time to turn up your selfie game. All you need is a dash of creativity and wit, and loads of confidence to take your game up a notch and do these selfie poses.

Click click!

10. The Classic Duck Face Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (6)

This post isn’t named the “classic” for no reason at all. When the selfie craze began, this pose is what almost everyone did because it showed how expressive and easygoing the subject is. It also gave a feeling like you’ve transformed into a professional model. Models have been doing this for the longest time but we were only able to identify it due to the selfie craze. Many may think this pose is ridiculous but it’s actually sensible if you want to be an instant “mow-del.”

I bet, in your alone time, you did one or two duck face selfies. Let me take a look at your phone! 🙂

Why so serious? Make this pose really fun by exaggerating it.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (13)

Am I doing it right? LOL.

Don’t hold back. Pout your lips like you’re trying to kiss, or maybe suck the life out of, the camera.

9. The Sel-Feet (Feet Selfie)

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (9)

Not all awesome selfies show a person’s face. In recent times, the feet selfie is gaining more popularity and this is best done with a stunning background. May I suggest doing this on the beach. How else can you tell the world how amazing this place is if you don’t take a photo of your feet with the beach as backdrop. This may even entice others to visit this amazing place.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (21)


Plus points if you can collage.

Posting on Instagram? Don’t be shy on making that blue bluer. Saturate a bit.

8. The Gym Selfie

Platinum Fitness Gym and Spa8

You’ve worked hard for it so don’t be shy, SHOW IT OFF!!!

In exchange of all the sweat and maybe even a few tears that you’ve shed, click away!

7. The Crop Youself Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (17)

Also called “you have double chin and Photoshop can’t fix it” selfie.

And the wind turbine behind me is just really big. Like my face.

6. The Groufie (Group Selfie)

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (15)

As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Therefore, not all selfies should be taken selfishly. With new and improved front cameras that can fit more than one person, it’s nice to share a selfie with your best buds.

Who knows, you may even be able to beat the most popular groufie ever taken. This.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (16)


Or you can vary. Like this “coufie” (couple selfie).

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (8)

Or “trifie” (trio selfie).

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (18)

Anything more than that, let’s just call it groufie.

5. The Golden Hour Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (14)

There are a lot of ingredients that make up a good selfie. Be pretty, have a nice background, and have a super expensive smartphone. If you don’t have all of that, at least have good lighting. The best source of good lighting, the sun.

Take advantage of the golden hour, or what others call the magic hour, because you magically become cute when you take a photo at this hour. On a serious note, it is that brief moment after sunrise or before sunset where the sun’s rays appear redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky.

It adds a nice effect to your selfie and you can post it #NoFilter.

4. The “Woke Up Like This” Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (5)

When you literally just woke up and the first thought that comes to mind is to grab your phone to take a selfie. You don’t have a lot of strength to get out of bed but you have just enough strength to lift up your phone for a selfie. Yes, there are days that you can just bum around and it’s acceptable that your first thought in the morning is to see how you look like behind a nice camera.

Let the world know how cute your natural self is because a “woke up like this” selfie is as honest as it can get.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (11)

Make sure you have nice sheets though.

3. The Selfie of a Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (19)

You know, because we need to go deeper.

A fun selfie pose is a photo of yourself taking a selfie.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (20)

This is usually done by taking a picture of yourself in front of a mirror, which is why others call this the mirror selfie. By doing this, you can try out different poses and angles that shows your best features, making you a pro in taking selfies.

2. The Bashful Selfie

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (12)

If you’re really, really, really shy, like me, but you can’t help not to ride the selfie wave, you can cover part of your face so that no one can identify you.

Before I posted this, no one knew it was me. Ask my friends. I got the selfie itch off my chest whilst staying unidentified and shy.

1. The All the Wacky Faces Selfie

This is the reason why it’s advantageous if you know how to transform a handful of photos into a collage. You can just choose the best ones and share them as a single photo.

OPPO F1 Selfie Poses (10)

Do all the wacky faces you can think of and capture everything on your phone.

This works best if you’re cute. If not, it will still work if you wear a nice top, like a good-looking dress shirt.

Selfies are fun but like everything else, it should be shared in moderation.

Don’t hold back and goof around on your selfies, you goofy goofball.

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Hey #SelfieExpert! Take your time. We’ll let you take a selfie. 🙂