Rocco Nacino Warns Public of Security Issues at Manila Ocean Park

Rocco Nacino went on his Facebook page to warn his followers to exercise caution when visiting Manila Ocean Park after a recent experience left him and his family questioning the security of the marine theme park.

“I am making this post for the safety of your customers and for the welfare and security of Manila Ocean Park,” he began on his post tagging the park’s official Facebook page.

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“Yesterday, July 2, we visited Ocean park with my family. We were 2 cars and since it was a hectic day, we brought a driver with us. As he brought us to the drop off area where my parents were waiting for us, everything went smoothly and I instructed our driver to head to the parking area of Ocean Park and rest for a while.”

He continued: “While we were inside, our driver took a nap and turned off the engine of the car. Since hindi sanay matulog sa car, mababaw ang tulog niya. A little later, two cars parked in front of him, and out came seven individuals, 5 of them male and 2 female. They started circling around the car, slowly peeping inside. obviously looking for something. Our driver got nervous and started to fake his sleep, but he was slowly watching them. He heard from one of the men, saying, “may tao ba? May makukuha ba?” Which the woman replied, “Meron pala, natutulog.” They started to exchange looks kung itutuloy nila o hindi. But then chose to drive away nalang.”

He expressed fear that the individuals could have taken all their valuables had his driver not stayed inside the car or, worse, they could have harmed him if he had chosen to fight back.

“If my driver wasn’t there, basag ang windows ko niyan, kinuha na lahat ng valuables sa loob lalo na at kitang kita na maraming baby stuff inside. If pumalag ang driver ko, most probably may baril ang mga lalaki na de kotse pa,” Rocco said.

He then urged Manila Ocean Park to improve their security.

“Napakswerte namin nung araw na iyon. I was supposed to withdraw some money and lock in in the compartment. Buti nalang hindi ko tinuloy. Kapag napagtripan kami, at nabuksan yun, goodbye pera.”

He also warned families visiting the park to not leave any valuables inside their cars and to remain vigilant wherever they go.

“Stay safe everyone. Di na biro ang mga nilalang na gumagawa ng masama, kung ano man ang rason nila para gawin iyun. Karma nalang bahala sa kanila. Pero sana marealize nila kapag tinuloy nila mga gawain nila, napaka traumatizing sa mga families ang ginagawa nila. To everyone reading this, please share to friends na may balak pumunta ng ocean park. Ang laki laki ng kinikita niyo Ocean Park, invest naman kayo in safe parking spaces and number of security guards. Stay safe everyone,” he ended.

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