RoboCop Movie Premier Screening by Solaire Hotel and Casino – The Mini Review

RoboCop Premier Screening

RoboCop Movie Premier Screening by Solaire Hotel and Casino

When in Manila there’s a lot of good movies showing this month and RoboCop is one of them. Our site was fortunate enough to be invited to the premier screening of RoboCop at Greenbelt 3 by our friends from Solaire Resort & Casino.  In this entry, I will talk about my viewing experience of RoboCop from the block screening as well as a short review of the movie itself. (*SPOILER WARNING: The following writeup contains spoilers for the movie’s plot. If you have yet to watch this movie and don’t want to be spoiled, close this browser now and don’t look back…)


RoboCop Premier ScreeningThe hosts of the night’s pre-movie segment


From the get-go, it was a very fun night for me at the RoboCop premier screening. The people from Solaire Resort and Casino gave the viewing audience some pre-movie goodies. We were treated to a couple of games and raffle giveaways by the hosts and it was a nice way to kick off the night. While I was not one of the lucky winners, I did enjoy the pre-movie segment.


For the movie itself, RoboCop proved to be very good. A reboot of the 1987 hit film of the same title, Robocop  takes on the familiar story of Alex Murphy and his transformation from man to a butt-kicking robotic police officer. Story-wise, the 2014 reboot follows the main elements of the old movie series (Murphy gets gravely injured and is transformed into RoboCop to save his life, etc.). There are big differences with the new Robocop film such as how the main narrative shifts the brunt of its emotional focus from Murphy and his ‘buddy cop’ to Murphy’s wife and kid. The shift in Murphy’s relationship focus is a telling story and provides a more ‘family’ feel to the movie compared to its predecessor.


RoboCop Premier ScreeningSamuel L. Jackson as Pat Novak


With Jose Padilah at the helm, RoboCop has that gritty action movie feel that only he can deliver. Certain fight sequences such as RoboCop vs Mattox and his robot horde proved to be very intense and fantastic with its high-octane action. In the acting department, RoboCop had a handful of good cast members that carried the story well. Joel Kinnaman, who inherited the Alex Murphy role from Peter Weller, had a serviceable job as the film’s (tragic) hero. He showed the struggle of Murphy trying to accept his fate as a man who is now stuck inside a machine for the rest of his life. Gary Oldman (who plays Dr. Norton) and Samuel L. Jackson (as the outspoken Pat Novak), however, were the ‘show stealers’ of this film. Oldman had a masterful portrayal of Dr. Norton, a character that carries most of the ethical and emotional burden of the film.  Jackson, on the other hand, was very entertaining with his portrayal of the loud mouthed and opinionated Pat Novak. 



Robocop-Premier-by-Solaire-When-In-Manila-01RoboCop special premier screening by Solaire Resort & Casino


So, when in Manila and you’re a movie buff, RoboCop is one film you should watch. From its action sequence and high tech glory, it’s one film that deserves your attention.  All in all, the Robocop premier screening was a great night for me. Not only did we get to watch a quality movie but we also had some quality time spent before the screening itself. Thank you so much to the people of Solaire Resort and Casino for having us in their premier block screening of RoboCop. I surely had a rockin’ good time that night.


Robocop Movie Premier Screening by Solaire Hotel and Casino – The Mini Review


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