Robber on Motorcycle Strikes Inside Private Village

Last November 14, a Facebook user posted an incident that happened inside Merville Park, a private village in Paran͂aque. As she and her two daughters were biking around the village, a man riding a motorcycle whizzed past her and tried to grab her sling bag which contained her phone and some valuables. She resisted and both fell to the ground. She chased the man for two blocks until neighbors apprehended him and called security.

Fortunately, she and her daughters are safe. She also added in her post that the man is a familiar suspect in the barangay office with multiple cases of robbery and domestic violence. She is currently in the process of indicting the man for his crime.

Check out the post below:


Of all the places na mahahablotan ako ng bag, sa merville park pa, which we consider a very safe village. All our visitors comment about the guards na ang susungit dahil sobrang strikto sa gate. Which i always defend dahil kahit papaano safe talaga samin. Then this happened.
To my friends living in MERVILLE pls be careful.

Detailed version:

I was biking along with my 2 young daughters inside our village in vienna street. (We pass by roads na hindi daanan masyado ng kotse so its safer for us to ride the bike) when a guy also riding a bike grabbed me from behind and tried to get my sling bag which contained my phone and some valuables.I resisted, making us both fall from our bikes, we wrestled on the ground for about 5 seconds, at this point my daughter wanted to help and kicked the man, and my younger daughter already started crying. The moment he got my bag, he ran off, i also ran after him for 2 blocks shouting at the top of my voice knowing there would be people just around the corner (there is a house there selling some barbecues and street food). The neighbors heard me and apprehended the man, thank God. From there they just took over and called security.
I just focused on my girls and called my husband after that.”


“The way he ran, he just looked so rattled, he left his bike which belonged to his neighbor by the way and he lost his slippers while running and tripped twice before being stopped. I guess he never expected that the victim that he chose, a female with kids would fight back. Im sure he was already lurking around the village looking for an easy prey. My daughter mentioned, she remembered passing the guy. He turned around, seconds later he grabbed me.

Turns out, when we arrived at the barangay, kilala na siya ng mga tanod dun, marami na siyang kaso ng robbery and domestic violence. Hindi lang makulong kulong kasi hindi kinakasuhan dahil hassle.

Rest assured i will do everything to lock this man up, even if i have to attend hearings for this.

This is my 1st time to file charges against someone, and after long hours of processing, 6 hours that night and 4 hours the next morning. They explained to me that there would be hearings and bibigyan pa siya ng abogado to defend him??? Kahit huling huli na siya na akto? They told me to be ready, since most of the time yung complainant pa palalabasin nila na nagsisinungaling since they have a lot of time to prepare. No wonder ang dami paring salot ngayon pagala gala.

Biking around the village with my girls was our favorite thing to do after school. Now its all gone dahil sa lalaking yun1f614????

To all merville residents pls be informed that he is a tricycle driver inside our village, his name is XXXXXX.

To my neighbors who helped us, the ones eating at the food store and neighbors mostly from vienna, THANK YOU!”


Fortunately, only minor injuries were sustained and none of the victims hurt. As of the moment, security and barangay officials are investigating the incident.

How do you think this incident should be handled by the authorities? Let us know below.