Rising P-Pop Group BGYO’s Newest Collaboration Is With Mentos

Growing up in the Philippines, Mentos has been a staple in our everyday lives–from passing it along during class time and keeping at least one roll in every bag, to chewing it on the go and dropping it into soda to make it explode. This makes one wonder, what makes Mentos the top-of-mind soft candy brand? The answer is simple: Mentos has a history of staying fresh and keeping us fresh. In 1932, the van Melle brothers came up with the idea for a peppermint-flavored candy. Little did they know that Mentos would spark the start of a fresh new world. A simple pop of Mentos candy not only freshens your mood but leaves your breath feeling fresh and clean. From their classic mint flavor to their fun selection of refreshing fruit flavors–Mentos is bringing us fresh ways to take on the day!

Mentos collaborates with PPop group BYGOMentos x BGYO

Fresh New Collaboration

Just as we were all settling into our new normal, we’re gearing up for yet another shift to the next normal. We all have had to find ways to deal with our daily challenges and stress, and, for many of us, this meant turning to music! We’ve seen this through TikTok’s boom during the pandemic and we are certain that Filipinos will never fail to find the latest dance craze and trending songs on the platform; turning to this platform to deal with our anxieties, find community, and connect more authentically with artists. So, how is Mentos helping us stay fresh today? 

Mentos’ freshest move this 2022 is collaborating with the most exciting P-POP boyband to show us “The Light”—BGYO! The BGYO boys are all about motivating the youth and lifting up the world through song and dance; a perfect fit with Mentos, offering Filipinos a fresh opportunity to raise their spirits!

Officially announcing the collaboration of Mentos and BGYO, Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki and Nate have taken on the challenge to Say Yes! to Fresh. Starting off the exciting partnership, the P-POP band dropped the newest Mentos jingle on nationwide radio this March! 

With the striking line, “nagbago man ang mundo, just keep fresh, kaya natin ‘to! Mentos YES TO FRESH!,” the BGYO boys remind us to embrace changes and keep fresh with Mentos.

Fresh Invitation

Only Mentos can give you the confidence to Say Yes! To Fresh and get closer than ever to your favorite BGYO boys. So, calling all ACEs! This is your time to follow BGYO’s footsteps and join in the #MentosBGYOYesToFresh TikTok Challenge from April 23-25. Keep an eye out for the challenge mechanics on Mentos’ social media platforms and upload your own version of the #YesToFresh TikTok challenge, get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be featured in a Mentos x BGYO YES TO FRESH Dance Video, and stay tuned for what Mentos x BGYO has in store for you.

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