This is What It’s Like to Ride a Helicopter Over Mt. Pinatubo

However, beyond the views we used to see below, are far more beautiful landscapes. A scenic grandeur surrounding the magnificent lake is seen from the amazing vantage point above. Hues of blue and green sparkle from the waters as the chopper starts to do it’s rounds at the crater. A violent volcanic past resulted to such stunning wonder. There aren’t enough words to describe the feeling. We are very privileged to live in such a beautiful country. A view from above will offer you a unique and alluring way to see the world. 


Helicopter over mt pinatubo


The great helicopter tour is also intensified by the beauty of Manila and it’s surrounding seas. Suddenly, traffic seemed beautiful. The chaotic city seemed glorious. And as you stare at the ships that afloat on still waters while the sun starts to peak in through the clouds…

Mt pinatubo tour

You start to see your beloved Pinas in a whole knew perspective. Once again, your love tank is filled. Once again, you found beauty. You found hope. You are reminded of the many reasons why you travel. You are reminded why choosing Pinas is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Mt Pinatubo Tour

Mt Pinatubo Tour

So If you love to savor the real madness in motion or if you are just curious what it’s like to fly like an eagle, it’s never too late to try something different. To try something new in life. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a dreamer, a passionate traveler, seeing the world can sometimes be a lot expensive but it’s always better to invest in experiences rather than things. Because the memories, the new perspectives, the stories—you will carry it all throughout your lifetime. It’s the feeling that there is no better time to pursue the things we want to do than right now, so why not do it? And if there’s anything to learn from the badass chopper ride, it’s that it’s time to stop writing the great bucketlist, but to start living it. Right now. Right here. In Pinas. In our beautiful, beautiful Pinas.

Hear me? Major tom?

Dear Philjets, thank you so much for the wonderful experience! Please let me do this again. I promise to take better photos! 🙂

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