REVIEW: CareDivas Gives Us a Taste of OFW Life with Superb Wit

I have always been fond of comical movies, shows, and everything in between as long as it makes me laugh so hard. Being a bit musically inclined on the side, CareDivas definitely pleases my heart and of its audience with both upbeat and moving music. And for those who share the same hobby with me, CareDivas is something you should not miss.

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REVIEW: CareDivas Will Give You a Taste of OFW Life with a Wit

CareDivas mainly portrays the lives of gay Overseas Filipino Workers—caregivers to be exact—in Isreal where LGBT is openly accepted. “Caregivers in the morning, performers at night.” Notwithstanding the unfair treatment of their bosses and the pressure to earn money for their families back in the Philippines, Chelsea, Kayla, Shai, Jonee, and Thalia (or Care Divas) build an admirable friendship we always wish to have. They go through ups and downs to the point of breaking the friendship but because of the love for one another, not to mention they are the only ones who have got each other’s back, CareDivas teach us to live life to the fullest and perform it with flying colors.

Although the main cast shares the same gender preference, each of them has distinguished character that makes them stand out respectively. One of them is very caring to his employer, one has to work so hard for the sake of his very demanding family, one is amusingly stupid, one is willing to work illegally just to earn money, and one wishes for the safety of one another.

The fact that the cast of CareDivas is consisting of gays, you really have to prepare your ears for comical punchlines that clearly add flavor to the concept. I remember how the characters, along with their dialogues, made the audience of PETA Theater laugh every single time. Even those who were sitting in front of or beside me guffawed so hard because of the impressive wit that each character delivered.

This play runs for roughly three hours, but with its beautifully sung songs inspired by their day-to-day experiences and sentiments in Israel, I would say I am completely satisfied. The cast can really sing! Some songs may give you that dancing feeling, some may make you feel a bit emotional especially towards our fellow Filipinos who are working really hard in spite of  difficulties.

And yes, their costumes are something to watch for! As performers in a club at Tel Aviv, Israel, the CareDivas’ shining shimmering outfits will gratify your eyes especially at the last part. I actually wish I can wear either of their costumes merely for photo op because #goals.




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