Restock Coffee and Curiosities: Art Gallery Café to Restock your Curiosities

Guijo Street in Makati is a gig hotspot for local bands and soloists of various eras and genre. An art gallery and café combined is the perfect yin to the yang in San Antonio Village.  Restock Coffee and Curiosities is an intimate place where you can relax and enjoy mainly because of its multipurposeness.


Art Gallery

The aesthetic black façade of Restock is the total opposite of what’s inside. The interior is something you’ll look forward to seeing as it changes over time.  Objet d’art of diverse forms crawling in every corner of the picturesque joint. White walls covered with acrylics, fresco, oil, miniature, tempera, and watercolor paintings. These are just a few of the assemblages in Restock. Certainly the center of attraction is the eye-catching calligraphy writings on the wall.

restock (10)The emotional Hope For The Flowers mural by Elle Battung.

My younger sister enjoying her much needed alone time. My younger sister enjoying her much needed alone time

restock (6)


Whether you’re a coffee dilettante or completely nonchalant about the way you get your caffeine fix, there’s no denying that the smell of freshly brewed coffee automatically brightens up a person’s day. Restock never fails to provide quality coffee to their customers.

restock (11)

You can rely on the barista in charge to guide you through their menu if you are undecided with what you are getting. The price ranges from P95-P360, which I must say is reasonable for they are always at their best when offering their services.

Unfortunately, we just had a heavy meal and was already waiting for my dad to pick us up. We were obliged to order something that was already prepared beforehand. It seems like a shame to crush and eat the oreo cookies without twisting-licking-dunking, but one bite of this delectable cheesecake in a jar will change your mind. It isn’t too sweet and not overly done, an instant winning dessert treat.

restock (1)

Mini Shopping Store

There is a need for business owners to promote and market their services and products. A few of the many ways are through social networking, word of mouth, advertisements, etc, but that can be quite expensive and mind-boggling. Most of the businesses, especially online shops have limited budgets to promote their products because they are small in nature. I commend Restock for helping independent-labeled businesses and promoting local products! #LoveLocal ❤

restock (3)

In the scrapbooking department, there are washi tapes, watercolor, calligraphy pens, ink bottles as well as stationaries and notebooks from The Warehouse and Sunday Paper. Restock also sells leather satchels, rucksacks and wallets from The Lost Nomad, Magnetic Poetry MNL kits, Where to Next post cards, Satchmi vinyls, Nomadic Goods Co mugs, and other novelty items.

restock (2)

The artwork and furniture you see around are up for grabs as well. IKR? THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!

Workshop Space

Everyone has an artistic side, you just have to discover the talent you knew you never had. May it be drawing, painting, photography, dancing, singing, creative writing and even doing latte art; each individual is gifted.

Restock offers classes that are designed to focus on improving skills while maintaining a fun and hands on approach. Attending workshops can boost your self-esteem, you can express yourself without worrying about what other people will think. It is safe to share your ideas for attendees are able to receive plenty of individual attention and support. Beginners, amateurs, part-timers and professionals – everyone is welcome! Meeting new people who have the same interests is always a big plus.

4restockyourcuriositiesPosters from Restock’s Facebook page

Here are some of the sessions they had/have:

  • Basic Calligraphy Sunday Paper and Paper Cat
  • Thomas Caja and Kimi Juan on Digital Travel Photography Workshop
  • Coffee Grindr with teammag. Coffee workshop and open call for contributors.
  • The pourover: Learn the basics of making pourover coffee by Jonathan Choi.

You can check the hashtag #‎RestockWorkroom on facebook for the workshop schedules.


This is the perfect spot to catch up with your friends! Once you get to Guijo Street, you have to be a keen observer in order to find this art haven. It is situated near Guijo Suites, a boutique hotel in the village. Since the location isn’t an easy find, it isn’t your typical overcrowded coffee shop. You get to enjoy the ambiance with good company whilst sipping good coffee and devouring savory treats. There are also games that you can play with such as Cards Against Humanity and Bananagrams.

restock (9)



Yours truly, restocking curiosities!


Instagram: @restockph

7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines
Operating hours: Monday-Saturday from 12NN to 10PM
Contact: 0917 663 1011


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