5 Reasons Why Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015 Was Off The Charts!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Satchmi Vinyl Day is a “thing” you shouldn’t miss. It is a celebration of vinyl and music organized by Satchmi that hopes to become a staple in the music community for years to come.  For vinyl and music lovers, this new tradition started in 2013.

According to the Satchmi Team, “As successful as the first two Vinyl Days were, we aim to make it even better in the years to come.” True enough, this year’s Vinyl Day was off the charts!


5 Reasons Why Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015 Was Off The Charts


5. Over a thousand of records were on sale!

Oh, yes! 40% off on indie records, 30% off on vintage records, 20% off on new records, and 20% off on Motorinos! Saaayy what! I saw the vinyl lovers going gaga over the crates, digging and finding treasures to bring home.

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

4. There were cool and exciting treats from sponsors.

Even the sponsors were hipster. Kool Kids was giving away free ice cream floats which was perfect for the scorching heat. Plus, the EDSA Beverage Design Group offered (super) refreshing drinks that can fuel for the entire day. Also, they had a cute photobooth area!

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

3. The vinyl and music lovers united!

What made the event interesting were the young people and those young at heart that shared the same passion and interest for music all coming together. It made connecting easy. Hence, it was the perfect place to meet new friends.

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

2. There was a Listening Booth.

Whenever you felt like escaping for a while or when you basically just want to try the Motorino, the listening booth was perfect and cute!

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

1. Finally, the awesome and sick performances by different local bands!

I felt proud of our country while I was listening to the different local bands. I mean, the Philippines has so much talent! The Cohens, Ourselves, the Elves, Tandems ’91, Jensen and the Flips, BP Valenzuela, Ang Bandang Shirley, Autoletic, Imago, Oh, Flamingo!, The Diegos, Cheats, and Pedicab were all there to give us amazing performances.

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015The Cohens

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015 Ourselves, the Elves

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015Tandems ’91

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015BP Valenzuela

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015 The Diegos

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015Cheats

Bottom line: Satchmi Vinyl Day shows us how music should be celebrated. It takes us back in time through the vintage and nostalgic feels of the vinyls which makes us appreciate “genuine” music a little bit more. So.. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not missing next year’s Satchmi Vinyl Day!  

 Kudos to the Satchmi Team for a successful event!


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