Motorino by Satchmi: The Vinyls are Back!

When In Manila, music lovers unite and with all the technology we’re enjoying I can still say that — vinyl is not dead!




We are all sucked up into this whirlpool of technology and we can now easily access our music with our mp3s and various music players. Most of us likely got hold of a cassette tape and a walkman once (except maybe the newer generations) and wasn’t that day golden? How much more if you are able to get hold of a vinyl record and a turntable? I bet that’d be priceless. I personally think that vinyl records sounds better, but that’s me and truth to be told, it’s the whole turntable experience that makes it great. Carefully laying the record unto the turntable, placing the needle and there’s like an instant live concert in your own room!


No need for wishful thinking because our friends from Satchmi introduced the Motorino, which is perfect for the modern vinyl lovers!




“The Motorino was specifically designed for the amateur music enthusiast. It is the perfect introduction to the world of music.




What makes the Motorino so awesome? – It does not only play your vinyl records (vintage or new) but you can also connect it on your PC’s and convert your vinyls to MP3 with the Audacity software that comes free if you get your own Motorino.



Inherited those smaller vinyls from your parents or grandparents? Not a problem! The Motorino can play record speed of 33, 45 and 78 RPM.




Other features of the Motorino:

  • Ceramic Stereo Cartridge
  • 45RPM adapter
  • Built in Speakers
  • Rechargable Battery
  • USB Port for Connection to PC
  • Stereo RCA Output
  • Ready to connect to your own speakers


Now don’t you want your own Motorino already?


A newbie to turntables and vinyl records? No need to fret because the people at Satchmi are ready to help you with your first turntable and on how-to’s.

 Also available in Satchmi are vinyl records to pair with your Motorino– take your pick from Adele, Foster the People, Coldplay, Deadmau5, Daft Punk to Elvis, Abba, Bruce Springsteen and Beastie Boys, they have it!



So When In Manila, treat the music lover in you to a Motorino from Satchmi! Why not, it’s a good excuse for a Christmas present!  😉






Motorino by Satchmi

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 Motorino by Satchmi: Bringing Back the Vinyls!



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