Restaurant Profits Philippines’ Restaurant Marketing Class

Restaurant Profits Philippines’ Restaurant Marketing Classbest-kept-secret

Howard Tinker, the best-selling author of “More Bums on Seats” and founder of the highly-successful Sydney-based company, Restaurant Profits, will be offering their services in the country via a local partner.  He will be in town to officially open Restaurant Profits Philippines and will be holding a 1-day Masterclass on September 22, 2014, from 8 am to 12 noon at the Makati City Club. 

Restaurant Profits specializes in conceptualizing and creating a system that supports restaurants to come up with effective marketing strategies and techniques to best attract their target market and keep them coming back consistently.  Restaurant Profits has been in the direct marketing business for the past ten years and has also set-up shop in New Zealand as well as in United Kingdom.

With custom-made and time-tested marketing strategies, Restaurant Profits has successfully geared many restaurants, both small and big restaurants alike, into successful businesses.  They plan to do the same for restaurants in the country. 

Based on our experience with a wide and varied scope of clients, having great food and service are simply not enough to deliver success.  These factors only get you into the game.  It is our mission to help you consistently be on top of it.  As a direct marketing firm with a proven track record, we can confidently tell you that it takes a high level of expertise with proven marketing strategies to win over the highly-informed customers of today.  Instead of being daunted by running the daily grind of your restaurant, turn over your marketing requirements to us and we guarantee to come up with strategies that will not only directly communicate with your target market but make them repeat customers as well. This leaves you more time and more resources to focus on your prime activity and that is, to run a successful restaurant, bar or café, with great food and service,” said Howard Tinker, best-selling author and founder of Restaurant Profits. 


For more information about the upcoming seminar, interested participants can contact Strategic Communications at (0908) 821 4504 or (02) 212 4047.

Restaurant Profits Philippines’ Restaurant Marketing Class

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