Represent! Legit Status: The 6th Annual Fundraiser

Represent! Legit Status: The 6th Annual FundraiserRepresentPosterVer3



The Constant Urge to Represent 

Represent. Legit Status is a team who is familiar with this term and makes sure to do everything to embody it. Being chosen to represent a school at a competition is one thing, but to have the privilege to represent the country is a whole different story.  They are a team that consists of the country’s best young dancers, from different schools and backgrounds, who aim to put our country on top. Each year since 2009, this team is chosen to fly to Las Vegas and compete in the Hip Hop International competition. Bonded by their talent and united by their passion, this year they are even more determined to represent and bring home the title of “best in the world.”


Preparing a routine and conditioning their bodies to go up against the world’s best crews is difficult, but may be done on their own. What they need help with is their means of getting there. Yearly, Legit Status holds a concert entitled: “R E P R E S E N T!” wherein they showcase the different routines they prepare in order to entertain and prove to those watching that they deserve to represent the Philippines in the prestigious competition. This concert also holds different dance groups to perform and is a means to unite the dancing community.


Their concert this year will be held on July 20 and 27, both are Sundays, at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, ADMU. The show starts at 6pm and tickets are being sold at Php 250. Help them represent by buying a ticket and showing your support! See you there! 




Represent! Legit Status: The 6th Annual Fundraiser