Repertory Philippines Presents August: Osage County

Repertory Philippines staged a local adaptation of August: Osage County and the performance was nothing short of brilliant. They perfectly captured the intensity of the story, never slowing down to ease the shock. They go head-first without holding anything back. As an audience member, I felt electrified as the actors brought the story to life, seamlessly conveying the needed emotions per scene: pity, anger, shock, and wonder at how this family can stand each other despite the many issues that plague them. In fact, Beverly’s disappearance is often shadowed by the juicier, controversial personal lives of the Weston girls.

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The controversial Weston Girls of August Osage: County

How these lives are juicy! Each has their own drama that at first it can be hard to follow. I often found myself thinking, “Oh this girl is the one that his this problem, while this guy is the one who did this, and that guy is this.” But once you get the hang of the story and really pay attention, you’ll find how everything connects and appreciate how they can still stick to each other even if their lives are so different.


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Violet Weston finally hears news of her missing husband, Beverly Weston


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One of the pivotal points of August: Osage County. When Barbara finally confronts her mother Violet

The cast did a stellar job in August: Osage County. Sheila Francisco was intense as Violet, and you could really feel her suffering. When you consider that she alternates between the role of Violet and Mattie Fae, sometimes in one day, you get to appreciate the depth of her acting. Another standout was Pinky Amador, who bravely took on the role of Barbara. Amador was incredibly good, craftily balancing silent poignancy and wild abandon. The scenes where Francisco and Amador completely lose it are some of the highlights of this amazing play.


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The cast of Repertory Philippines’ August: Osage County

The cast is rounded out by Tami Monsod (Ivy Weston), Liesl Batucan (Karen Weston), Leo Rialp (Beverly Weston), Kenneth Moraleda (Bill Fordham), Thea Gloria (Jean Fordham), Richard Cunanan (Charlie Aiken), Hans Eckstein (Steve Heidebrecht), Noel Rayos (Little Charles Aiken), Angeli Bayani (Johnna Monevata, understudy is Naths Everett), and Arnel Carrion (Sheriff Deon Gilbeau).

August: Osage County is directed by Chris Millado, a well-respected theater veteran and currently the Vice-President and Artistic Director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

When in Manila and you want to see the fun in dysfunction, make sure to catch August: Osage County on its final week!

August: Osage County


Schedule | March 14 (Friday, 8:00 PM), March 15 (Saturday, 3:30 PM and 8:00 PM)

Venue | Onstage, Greenbelt 1, Makati

Tickets | Ticketworld Philippines

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Twitter | @repphils

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Repertory Philippines Presents August: Osage County

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