Reminiscing Cubao

Our childhood is one of the most memorable and exciting moments to remember. It was a time when we still didn’t have many responsibilities in life and the world was much less complicated to handle.

For those who were born in 1960s to 1990s, you will surely get excited to take a trip down memory lane in one of the most unforgettable places during childhood – and that is Cubao.

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Araneta Coliseum (Photo from:

Before Makati and Taguig were developed, Cubao had been the center of business activity in the metropolis. The place was overflowing with grandeur, especially with the completion of Araneta Coliseum in late 1950s, where the historic Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight called “Thrilla in Manila” was held in 1975.

With many illustrious sports and entertainment spectacles happening in the dome, establishments quickly mushroomed around the area and transformed Cubao into a commercial hub.

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Fiesta Carnival (Photo from: Anmar75 via Flickr)

Fiesta Carnival, as every kid’s haven, was the first indoor amusement park in Cubao with glittering lights, exciting rides and a wide assortment of food stalls. Located beside the coliseum, there you can ride the famous roller coaster, caterpillar ride, ferris wheel, bumper car, and a go cart at the second floor to name a few.

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COD Christmas Show (Photo from:

Who would ever forget the famous C.O.D. and its famous Christmas mannequin show? O.D. opened its doors as a small department store and the idea of having a show was to attract the customers, which later became a Christmas tradition of many Filipino families to visit every year.

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New Frontier Cinema Theater (Photo from:

While a few blocks away from the C.O.D. stood the famous New Frontier, a theater that played host to the most glitzy movie premiers during its heyday.

So much has changed now in Cubao.  However, we have to accept the fact that “change is the only constant thing in the world.”

Today, several developments are in order to revitalize the glorious past of Cubao. One is the Manhattan Garden City which consists of 18 residential and commercial towers. The development will be surrounded by lush greeneries and garden villas, like how the iconic Central Park complements the paved structures of Manhattan.

Parkway Residence

The three-tower Manhattan Parkview Residence and Manhattan Parkway Residence are the first two residential clusters in Manhattan Garden City. Both have a direct link to two mass transit systems (MRT3 on Edsa and LRT2 on Aurora Boulevard), and have posts for public vehicles going to all destinations around the city.

Manhattan Parkway Residence has a taste of New York City right in Cubao with its Art Deco styling plus the availability of shops and restaurants at the ground level arcade to give a distinct vibe of the city that never sleeps.

The Manhattan Parkway Residence is an idyllic enclave that has a grand Pavilion which links to the MRT and LRT2 stations, making it the first and only residential condominium that boasts of a direct link to both train posts.

Manhattan Garden City

Manhattan Parkview Residence is also full of amenities that will let you enjoy your downtime—your spare hours are supposed to be spent for your enjoyment, not on the road, stuck on a bumper-to-bumper traffic.

In contrast to the amenities for an outgoing lifestyle, Manhattan Parkview Residence also features a cozy garden plaza with sitting areas and a unique fountain as a centerpiece. The Zen fundamentals and verdant landscaping of this area make it ideal for meditating.

Even Cubao is gradually transforming into a modern and bustling district today, it will remain as one of the best landmarks in Metro Manila that harks back to our childhood days. Soon, new generations will have their own memories in the place and will be asked with the same question: “What are your childhood memories in Cubao?”

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