REMINDER: LTO to Strictly Enforce ‘No Registration, No Travel’ Policy Starting April 1

Manila Traffic

Like what Top Gear Philippines said, “This is not an April Fool’s Day joke.”

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) will strictly enforce the “No Registration-No Travel” policy to all four-wheel motor vehicle starting April 1.

According to Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya:

“It has always been prohibited by law to use motor vehicles which have not been registered with the LTO. The only exception is the first seven days, during which registration should be processed by the vehicle owner.

He emphasized that since the lack of license plates has already been resolved, they will already be strictly implementing the said policy.

The penalties for violating the “No Registration-No Travel” policy are:

  • PhP 10,000 for the vehicle owner who is caught using an unregistered vehicle and PhP 1,000 for the driver and will be cited for reckless driving
  • PhP 5,000 for failing to attach license plates, if OR and CR can be presented

To avoid getting penalized, drivers of vehicles under the seven-day registration period must present the Certificate of Stock Reported, Sales Invoice dated within seven days before the apprehension, and a Certificate of Insurance Cover dated on or after the date of the Sales Invoice.

Additionally, if the date of the Sales Invoice exceed thirty-seven (37) days on the date of apprehension, the vehicle will be impounded by the LTO.

Owners of new vehicles, what are your thoughts on this?

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