Remember Parokya’s “Mang Jose”? It’s Going to be Turned into a Superhero Movie

’90s kids surely remember Mang Jose, the superhero in the song of the same name by Parokya ni Edgar. In it, Mang Jose can save your life… for a fee.

Now, the iconic character is getting a new lease on life as he is getting his own movie, to be produced by Tonet Jadaone and Dan Villegas. The film will be directed by Rayn Brizuela.

This sounds promising as Tonet and Dan are behind the films Exes Baggage, Alone/Together, Never Not Love You, Love You to the Stars and Back, English Only, Please, and That Thing Called Tadhana. Meanwhile, Rayn is the director of Asuang, a finalist at the Cinema One Originals 2018.

Janno Gibbs will star as Mang Jose and he will be joined by Mikoy Morales as Tope and Manilyn Reynes as King Ina, the Queen of Turborats.

The release date hasn’t been announced yet but the cast has already started training.

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