#RelationshipGoals: Amazing Couple Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bae

I love tattoos. However, after giving birth, my threshold for pain went out the window. I don’t think I could get one done!

Anyway, have you and your babe thought of getting some skin ink done? But, can’t think of a nice design?

Well, maybe you can get inspiration from these ideas I saw online!

In no particular order, here are 10 matching tattoo ideas for couples!

1. Love Her / Respect Him

Love and respect is all we need for our relationship to flourish.

Relationship tattoos

Photo source: Tattoo Lovers Facebook

2. King and Queen

Makes sense, right? You are the queen, and he is your king. Period.

Tattoo lovers

3. Card-inspired design of King and Queen of Hearts

*insert David Pomeranz playlist* We’re the king and queen of hearts. Hold me when the music starts.” *kilig much*

Tattoo lovers

4. For newly engaged couples – Initials of your fiancé is a great idea, too!

According to the person who shared this photo, it was her and fiancé’s initials on their wedding fingers.

I guess they believe in forever! Good on you, guys!

tattoo ideas for couples

5. Beauty and the Beast 

I actually love this idea!

Couple tattoo ideas

Photo source: tattoosideasmag.com

More fantastic tattoo ideas on the next page.


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