Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit with a Nice Retreat

For us living in the urban world, it is important to have a work-life balance and keep a healthy mind and body. The idea of running away for a week to bounce back and be in tune with our body again is what we’d always want to achieve, but is always hard to do on a regular basis. Living in the city should not be a stumbling block in keeping one’s health and in between the busy days, though. As such, we must remind ourselves to live a life of wellness.

Refresh Your Health is a synergetic collaboration between Go Well, Flow Retreats and Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Makati, and consists of brands that share a vision for well-being and a balanced life. It hosted a one-time event designed to highlight fitness, natural living, wholesome food and overall wellness to inspire our community to live their best and most energized life.


A one-day wellness event composed of health and wellness bloggers as well as yoga enthusiasts

The three-part program recognized the importance of keeping a balance lifestyle through nourishing the mind, body and spirit. For the mind, a soothing massage, manicure, and pedicure at the luxurious Willow Stream Spa. For the body, a natural skincare session with Kerstin Florian and Flow Retreats as well as a wholesome food buffet by Fairmont Hotel. For the spirit, a healing an revitalizing yoga session with GoWell ambassador, Bubbles Paraiso.



Yoga session headed by Bubbles Paraiso, ambassador of GoWell

The session with a beauty expert, Kerstin Florian, reminds us to not just rely on products that can be easily taken out from store shelves. She shares how to do skincare not just through topical approach, but with doing massages by simply targeting points in the face to enhance blood and oxygen flow. Flow Retreats teaches how to prepare skincare products through DIY and the importance of using fresh and minimal ingredients.


A session with a beauty expert from Kerstin Florian


Facial massages work like acupuncture essential to keep skin glowing


DIY beauty recipe by Flow Retreats:

Body polish (Himalayan salt, epsom salt, virgin coconut oil and lavander essential oil),

Facial mist (peppemint tea, virgin coconut oil and lavander essential oil)

Teamed up with Flow Retreats, the boutique retreat company established in 2009 focuses on health and wellness through fitness, movement, travel and healthy eating. Typically a retreat weekend consists of energizing yoga sessions, surf lessons at the best surf spots in the country, dance and movement classes. as well as green smoothie and raw food workshops. Their retreats are held in beautiful nature spots such as organic farms, eco resorts, tropical islands and beached, as well as surf spots. The activities also include unique and curated tours to local spots around the venue.

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More than weekend wellness getaways, Flow Retreats is a wellness lifestyle brand geared towards healthy, mindful and passionate living and has branched out to events in Manila such as Flow In The City, an eco market featuring workshops, activities, products and food for mindful and inspired living. They bring together yoga instructors, artists, crafters, speakers, wellness enthusiasts, as well as local makers of sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Healthy and wholesome food prepared by Fairmont Hotel

GoWell is a wellness community promoting holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balance life. It is the health and wellness advocacy of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. aimed at helping people live a healthier, brighter life.


The event took place in Fairmont Hotel’s Fitness area and Willow Stream Spa. Acclaimed around the world, their focus is on finding innovative ways to help its guests discover their own energy. Energy makes the difference between living and living well. Energy renewal is the mission of all Willow Stream Spas. 

At the Fairmont Makati, the Willow Stream Spa is a luxurious retreat in the middle of the country’s bustling financial district.  It is a spacious 1500 square meter spa complex that includes plush treatment rooms featuring massage beds outfitted with luxurious duvet covers, relaxation lounges, mineral pools and steam rooms, and a full-service beauty salon. There is also a fitness area that boasts state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and panoramic views of the city.

Willow Stream Spa Relaxation Area 1a1

Willow Stream Spa of Fairmont Hotel

Fitness Center 1

Fitness Area of Fairmont Hotel

Remember that there’s no excuse for keeping ourselves healthy and in a well-balanced state, no matter what and where we live. Be energized through joining wellness programs and group exercises. Be involved in a community that teaches and reminds us to be conscious of health and restoring youthfulness even when in an urban jungle. Refresh your energy through channeling these to your body, mind and spirit.

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