Real-life Princess Diaries: Raised by Pinay mom with a king dad?

It is the story that Hollywood films and fairy tales are made of.

One day, you’re a commoner being raised by your single mother then the next day, you get a call and find out you’re actually royalty, just when you thought all the stories your mother told you about having a king as a father were all fabricated just to make you feel better.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Humans of New York shared a surprising story that we wouldn’t think happens in real life.

It is like The Princess Diaries come true.

“I remember there was a day in kindergarten when we were supposed to bring our dads to school,” the Humans of New York post started. “It was some type of performance or something. I’d never met my father.”

“So I asked my mom if he could come, and she told me: ‘He’s too busy. He lives in Malaysia. And he’s a king.’ My father was a king? That meant I was a princess! It made me feel so proud. But as I got older, I came to realize it was an elaborate story my mom had invented to comfort me,” the post continued.

Then, the story revealed that her mom is a “single mother” and that they had “immigrated from the Philippines when I was six, and we were living in a rented room.”

Growing up in such condition, she started to realize that “That’s not how a princess was supposed to live.”

Curious, she still continued to ask about her father but her mom “would become withdrawn” and “offer few details.”

Apparently, her mom used to work as a nurse in Malaysia and that she met a king at a party.

As she grew older, she simply stopped thinking about it as it has become painful to deal with.

However, to her surprise, she got a call when she was 14 years old.

The caller went ahead and said, “I represent His Royal Highness, and we’ve received your letters.”

So, this was the call that revealed to her that her father, who is actually king, wanted to meet her.

The highly-anticipated father-daughter meet-up happened in London over an hour-long lunch. The lunch resulted in her mother telling her father about their demands, especially financial support. Her father agreed to this. Although she got to meet her father twice more after that, she was never acknowledged.

Her only remembrance (and possibly proof of her story) is that her mother requested that she gets to have a photo taken with her father during their first lunch together.

Here it is.

Photo from Humans of New York on Facebook

For the full story and additional photos, please check out Humans of New York’s post.

Ohhhhh. That was wild. What do you think?

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