READ: Volunteer Asks Financial Support for Rescued Pet

Another volunteer is asking financial support to help her continue feeding her rescued dogs.

On the Netizen’s initial post last June 1st, she said:

UPDATE as of JUNE 1:
– updated donation details.. To be coursed through CARA instead of Pet Project. Thanks!

– Pamela has gone to visit MC Homer/Hammer and has shared these details:
I am now at the Pet Project Vet Clinic. MC Hamer had a bath and tests were done.

Negative- heartworm & distemper
Positive- ringworm & demodectic mange

volunteer needs monetary support

According to Margaux Songco, she found the poor dog in front of MC Home Depot, weak and hungry. Hence, the name “MC.”

poor dog mc

Margaux further described him “very weak, lost a lot of fur and had a lot of wounds on his body.” Upon closer inspection, MC looks to be a Siberian Husky and he was probably abandoned when the supposed caretaker found out he had a skin condition.

mc dog

Margaux expounded that after being brought to the vet, he was positive for ringworm and demodectic mange. He is slowly regaining his appetite and recovering. MC is a young male dog, around 2-3 years old.

“He is slowly regaining his appetite and recovering. MC is a young male dog, around 2-3 years old,” Margaux said.

Here’s how we can help her:

UPDATE as of JUNE 3:
– Cara has just shared Fundraising Friday for MC! 🙂 Please go to their page to see the post! I’ve also shared the post in my page.
– Uploaded new photo of MC sleeping today.. Thanks Pamela for sharing!
– You can visit MC as much as you like! Pet project is open Mondays till Sundays until 7pm. 🙂

If anyone wants to see his recovery, you may want to go to The Pet Project Clinic at 505 Gen. Mascardo St, Brgy. Little Baguio San Juan. Phone 5719350.

For monetary donations, let’s course it through CARA to ensure that we’re able to keep track of it properly..:
Donations may be made via PayPal and BPI bank deposit.

Via Paypal:
1. Go to: https://www.caraphil.org/mainsite/get-involved/donate/
2. Click on “Donate.”
3. Follow the instructions. When asked to review the donation, click on “Add special instructions to CARA” and write the name “MC”
4. E-mail the confirmation receipt to donate@caraphil.org with subject “MC”.

Via BPI:
Cash deposits may be made to the following account:
CARA Welfare Philippines
BPI Current Account # 3191-0467-05

Please do not forget to email the confirmation receipt (PayPal) or a photo of the deposit slip (BPI) to donate@caraphil.org with the subject “MC”.

The PayPal and BPI are all CARA’s. We only need you to send in your receipts/deposit slip to our Treasurer for accounting purposes.

By the way, since we believe in the power of community, When In Manila has a new community page specially made for our wonderful furbabies and obedient dogs, When In Manila Pets. You may check it out here.

Truthfully, social media has been proven an effective platform to raise awareness about proper care for animals. Hopefully, this article will help her.