READ: This netizen’s realizations after seeing an aerial shot of congested Metro Manila

If the amount of traffic won’t convince you how congested Metro Manila is, well, check out this aerial shot.

Paulo Alcazaren uploaded a photo of Metro Manila, specifically, the areas of Makati, Taguig, Pateros and Pasig. The middle is dominated by skyscrapers and portions of evergreen, while the rest surrounding it are other establishments both public and private entities, which appear cramped; given its size and lack of open spac3.

Alcazaren couldn’t help but express his sentiments about what he observed.

He leaves netizens with the question of what we should do about the following factors that concern expansions and spaces to balance the urban landscape. These include recreation, amenities, safe spaces for natural calamities, dealing with pollution and even so the flood and detention areas.

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Disclaimer: does not own the image above. Credits go to Paulo Alcazaren. 


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