READ: This Entrepreneur’s Advice Will Help You Start Your Own Brand & Business

Most, if not all of us, are looking forward to the day when we can finally bid goodbye to our 9 to 5 corporate jobs. Sure, we love what we do and the companies we’re working for are really generous when it comes to salaries and benefits. However, there seems to be this itch, this thought, and this dream inside of us that someday, we can also be our own bosses for a brand and business that we can call ours.

No worries, that day will come too and we know it! If you’re not yet sure how and where to begin, here’s an advice as shared by the very successful Barbara Soriano, one of the owners of The Yard, for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

“Strive hard to expose yourself in business opportunities. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Attend events wherein you can meet new people who can possibly offer you new business opportunities, connect with old friends in different industries and the successful people in your network. As you talk to them, you’ll learn more about what opportunities are there based on trends and needs.

Traveling serves as opportunity for you be aware of what businesses ideas are there abroad that you can bring here in the Philippines.

Always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Sometimes even the most simple thing can present itself as an opportunity. You just need to look around you.  

Not all opportunities are worth taking but once you encounter an opportunity that you strongly believe in, don’t let it pass. It’s true that opportunities only come once in a lifetime. Make sure that you act on making these opportunities happen as soon as you can.”

May we all have the courage (and resources) to pursue our passions and reach our dreams!

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