READ: Have You Heard Of The Other Subic With The Pink Sand Beach?

We, Filipinos, must have done something right to deserve two Subic in the country. Yup, you read that right. Aside from the well-known, family favorite and all-time destination in Zambales, there’s another Subic that you should totally visit soon!

In case you’re willing to go a little farther, nestled in the the southernmost province of Luzon is Matnog’s Subic Beach. Contrary to the usual powdery white, Subic has a pinkish sand which came from crushed red corals mixed with fine white sand. On top of that, it’s turquoise-colored water, sun-drenched coconut trees and picnic-friendly nipa huts make the place an irresistible tourist spot for travelers.

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No need to fly to Bahamas, Matnog Sorsogon’s Subic wil surely satisfy your curiosity for pink sand beach! Make sure to wait up for the sunset, too! We’ve heard that the view is amazing!

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